This is shaping up to be quite the weekend, football results wise, eh? 

I decided to go for a long run yesterday afternoon and when I started my run I switched the radio on via my phone and started to jog just as Liverpool went 3-2 up. I thought “screw this, last thing I want to hear is Liverpool demolishing Watford” so switched it off quickly and started listening to some Arsenal podcasts. 

Well wouldn’t you just know it, Liverpool go an properly brain fart up opening day, followed by Chelski too, and I only caught the tail end of this at the end of my run. Part of me thought it was because I’d decided not to listen live, so you’re welcome, everyone. 

Match of the Day was so much more enjoyable yesterday as a result. I haven’t enjoyed the show as much as that for ages. Even if they decided that probably one of the games of the season – ours from Friday night – should be fourth in the running order.

Now, if Newcastle and West Ham can do something – anything – against the Tiny Totts and United today, we’ll all be laughing heartedly, even if it is only a week.

It does seem to be that defending is pretty much dead though. I thought Arsenal would get a pasting on last nights match of the day, but there were so many other shoddy defences yesterday, that our mad moments just sort of drifted in to the background. Hey, that’s fine by me, to be honest with you.

Of course from an Arsenal news perspective there was some reason to be concerned, which was the rumours of Alexis Sanchez being spotted in Paris with his lawyer, which of course led people to put two and two together and get a little worried. If you’re one of those people that are – don’t be! After all, Paris is a lovely city and very reachable via Eurostar, so perhaps he was just taking the guy out for a romantic meal? There are some wonderful views from the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur so I reckon that’s the reason he was knocking around those parts.

If I seem a little too light hearted for you then I apologise, but right now I really couldn’t give a monkeys. If he’s off to PSG then good. Let’s get some cash for him and reinvest in the team. It would be quite a change of direction for Arsène though, to sanction it, and would have meant an almighty U-turn that for some would be unforgivable.

For me though, after Friday’s victory I’m in a good mood, so whilst selling Alexis would end up being a bit of a dampener, I’ve been talking about wanting him out just to end another stupid saga for some time. So I’d probably just be more relieved than anything else. Especially if he’s moving abroad and not to City or Chelski.

I’d rather focus on other players, like Ollie G, who it’s hard not to love even more after talking about how his heart is at Arsenal. It’s amazing how being linked with a move away, as well as the arrival of Lacazette, suddenly had people so desperate gor him to stay. Me too as well I might add. But as many of us have all been collectively saying for a few years, the problem isn’t that we have an issue with Giroud at all, it’s that Giroud has at times felt like the only option. The arrival of Lacazette has therefore brought the effectiveness of Giroud in to sharp focus and as a result, we’re all quite desperate to see him continue his time at Arsenal. Hopefully he also hits the 100 club soon too. That would be great for him and a little milestone we can all celebrate too.

So we go in to today’s round of matches with a spring in our step and whilst it’s only the opening day of the weekend and there’ll be plenty of heartache to come, we’ve had a pretty decent start.

Catch you tomorrow.