There’s nothing like a series of international football to do the dirty work of the Premier League. The fact I saw people tweeting last night about when the Premier League returns shows you just how tedious the game was. Quite an advert for it, I’d even go as far to say. 

The Premier League must love it. When an international break comes around it feels like hours before people are already praying for the return of domestic football. It’s like pulling all of the heroine addicts off their dosage just to keep them desperate enough to have it when the real stuff returns.

I didn’t watch the tripe that was served up at Wembley, so I’m particularly smug that the game was pretty awful, I have to say. Bullet. Dodged.

The only Arsenal news that seems to be coming out is that Lacazette could have gone to PSG but when you look at who they ended up getting to fill the attacking spaces, it feels a bit more like they were testing the water, before doubling their load on Mbappe and Neymar. I suppose one could argue that Lacazette could fill Cavani’s current position, but given that PSG are already pushing their luck with their ‘loan’ deal for Mbappe, I couldn’t have seen Lyon dropping their price enough for the deal to have seemed remotely feasible. 

I’m glad none of that transpired though because we’ve got a proper finisher up front who just needs to get off the mark away from home. As I’ve said before he looks Wrighty-esque and that comparison alone is enough to get plenty of us Gooners excited. It’s been a while since we’ve had a style of striker like that and providing he can continue his early season form we’ll all be happy.

There’s some stuff about Rambo and his love for animals on the official site but I’m really sorry, I just can’t bring myself to care enough on that one. I mean, that’s the local newspaper equivalent of a slow news day, leading to to the A-Frames outside newsagents to read “Man finds dog”.

I suppose we could talk about the digging out Martin Kroenke has been giving to Özil, saying it’s going to get “messy” and saying that he thinks the German has checked out already and whilst I understand the frustration in his comments, whether or not their just well timed or not I don’t know. The guy hasn’t played for Germany this week and so he’s clearly got a knock. I agree that he’s hardly been sparkling and it’s true that he’s almost certainly doing a ‘PR Flamini’ on us (“yes I’ll sign; yep, we’re talking; I’m waiting until the end of the season; oh no I’m off”), but I don’t think he’s downing tools just yet. Personally I’d like to give the player the benefit of the doubt. At least until we’ve seen him in half a dozen games back-to-back.

And that’s pretty much all I’ve got at the moment. We’re all just waiting for this intolerable weekend to end so we can get on with the real football. 

Enjoy your Friday.