Morning. I’m not going to wish you a ‘happy’ anything for a specific day of the year because without wanting to sound like a grumpy old man, I don’t really recognise this festival as anything other than what it is: an opportunity for retailers to ca-ching their coffers in between summer and Christmas. 

What’s a Halloween equivalent of ‘bah-humbug’?

As for Arsenal though, there’s not a lot of humbugging to be had, especially after another victory and another one coming from behind. It’s interesting though because I read on Football365 that this season we’ve now equalled the number of games in which we’ve come from behind to that of the past two seasons. I guess that points to a little bit more resilience, but I must say I hope we don’t make this a ‘thing’. I don’t think my stress levels can handle it. I’ve already got The Management threatening to hook me up to a blood pressure monitor during games as a way of showing me what The Arsenal does to my body. 

But more than that, we can’t afford to do that in games like the one this Sunday against City, because once they are in front they tend to win. Indeed as we stand it doesn’t look like anybody can really get close to them so ensuring we don’t gift any silly chances away is vital, as well as taking the few chances we do get, when we get them.

But before then we have what is fast shaping up to be the ‘fun’ competition on Thursday and I suspect we’ll hear from Arsène on the available players for the game. I’m hoping for news of Chambers and Debuchy because the more games in which they can play the more we have options for when the inevitable injury crisis sets in. It’s weird because up until this point it seems to be the squad players who have picked up knocks – Mustafi aside – which has meant more makeshift action in the midweek games than anything else. But with players returning it should mean that as the nights grow colder we see more of a second XI about this team rather than the youth team. Which should also bring its own dilemma to Arsène because he needs to keep his rotated players match fit so they are ready in case of injury to other players, but he’ll also have quite the desire to see some of the youngsters be given a chance in the first team. 

I suspect we’ll see a smattering of both for games in the coming weeks but he’ll no doubt look towards the squad players this week as he seeks to sort out qualification before he can start any major experimentation. Eddie might just have to wait to get his inevitable start, hat trick of goals, four assists and a five minute display of keepy-uppies in the middle of the park.

Never mind eh folks?

A final thought for you as I close today’s collection of ramblings: The Management is convinced that the reason Arsenal won away from home weekend before last is because I couldn’t watch the game live. I of course told her that it was. Onsense but being the football fan I am and obviously therefore a superstitious fellow, I am wondering whether I test the theory again this weekend, because all of the variables appear to be remarkably similar:

  1. I have another family gathering like I did that meant I couldn’t watch the game
  2. It’s a 2.15pm kick off on a Sunday again
  3. The location of the family meal doesn’t have Sky Sports
  4. Arsenal are away from home
  5. We’re at a ground in which we’ve struggled in the recent past.

So what do I do? Do I pander to my irrrational fear that she might be right or do I just say ‘eff it’ and watch on my phone?

I know that I should be making noises out of my mouth that suggest a clear disdain for superstitious nonsense – you know what I mean, pursing your lips and pushing air out of your mouth like you don’t believe a word of what you’ve just heard – but right now it feels like I have the fate of Arsenal in my hands. Do I give up my Football drug for another weekend just to see a positive result come 4pm?

All views and comments welcome.