It all seems to be drawing towards the inevitable conclusion that Mr Perfect Hair himself is going to be our next boss and what I’m listening to and reading about seems to be about how he’s not as ‘Mr Nice’ as everyone keeps portraying.

It does seem funny that all of this noise is coming out now, on the verge of his appointment, that actually he can be a disciplinarian and be that harsh voice in the dressing room that perhaps some of these players need. It’s almost as if there’s some kind of collective campaigning on behalf of the new man going on…

Still, if/when it’s announced – and when someone like the Ornacle comes out you know it’s practically a done deal – it will be interesting to see what Tricky Micky has to say about his approach to the team, the players he knows, the tactical set up and his style of play he wants to deliver. I’m still a bit wary that he’s still close enough to the old regime to be a fresh break, but perhaps that’s just what Ivan wants. A fresh face, somebody who doesn’t command a mega salary and therefore mega payout if it goes wrong, plus somebody who will not have absolute control over the club.

And perhaps Gazidis is looking at the options right now and thinking that Arteta is a decent choice and if it doesn’t work out then the club can always revisit Allegri, Nagelsmann and/or any other choices next summer. So whilst at first I talked up this being ‘high risk’, perhaps Ivan is looking at this and thinking that the club has had a couple of seasons of decline and so providing the players don’t rebel on Chelski Mourinho proportions, that the worst that might happen is that we get another season like this.

If that happens Ivan can say “look, we tried, it didn’t work, so we’ll pay the money for the big name manager” in 2019. The challenge of course might be if we don’t have enough cash to overhaul the squad if it doesn’t work. Just look at where we’re at right now; talk of £50million only to spend and all we’ve heard of late is that Seri could be an option for us.

It certainly sounds like he’d be a good addition, but given the supposed lack of war chest, shouldn’t we be looking at other areas of the park too? I know we need another midfielder but Seri feels very similar to Granit Xhaka. A much improved Granit Xhaka too I might add.

Perhaps Arteta has already identified a style of play, however, and Seri and Xhaka together form part of some kind of deep-lying creativity that the new manager wants to see? If that’s the case however, we’d certainly need more action in terms of a defensive overhaul, because Seri ain’t no tackler and him and Xhaka in the middle of the park won’t be offering too much protection over the back four.

Maybe we go back to a back three with wing backs though? Perhaps that’s what has been identified by ‘New Manager X-who-we-probably-know-who-it-is-anyway’ and that’s why they’re looking at a deeper lying ball-playing midfielder?

It’s all conjecture at this stage but, dare I say it, I’m kind of loving the uncertainty of it all. We’re finally at the table and rolling the dice after years of sitting in the corner with our chips, neither cashing them in or gambling.

That’s gotta count for something.

Right, off for a run, whilst avoiding anything remotely FA Cup finalesque or Royal-frigging-wedding like.