So for England the dream of a World Cup final dies and much like most of my life it happens wondering why the national team have always fallen short. Perhaps it’s in the collective national psyche, because for a nation with the money, the domestic league, plus the talent in some positions, one World Cup final in the history of World Cup Finals is poor.

Still, this England team wasn’t supposed to get further than the Round of 16 so I suppose you could say they exceeded expectations and will return home with the nation patting them on the back, rather than flipping them the bird.

The real sad point from my perspective is that London will probably go back to its normal self, whereas in the last couple of weeks it’s been a happier place, with more people singing and dancing. There’s even been unbridled sunshine throughout this period so it’s felt like an even nicer place to live than usual.

Apart from the occasional egging of course.

As for Arsenal, well, they have done their part again by bringing in yet another signing and after all this time being linked to David Luiz we see that the club weren’t interested at all. It was just a guy with his hair they were after.

Yep, we’ve bolstered the squad a bit more with the arrival of Matteo Guendouzi to the team, which leaves me begging the question to pose to Arsenal:

Aren’t their better ways to generate income through shirt names and numbers on the back?

We’ve got one heck of a selection of players with long names now and given that Guendouzi will come into the first team squad as number 29 you’d expect him to feature in European and domestic cup games at least.

It’s clearly a signing for ‘then’ rather than ‘now’ but as I said to Giles yesterday before we went on air at Love Sport, it feels like the squad is pretty bulging right now.

If you think about the number of players we have them clearly something’s got to give but if Emery is going to alternate formations, rotate players, etc, etc, then he probably will need a bigger squad than Arsène had. Or perhaps I should say more competitive squad and when you have a manager who doesn’t feel as comfortable in his position as Arsène did, you know that he knows he needs to deliver results quickly, which is why he is giving himself plenty of options with all of these signings.

The first pre season game of the summer kicks off on Saturday and it’ll be fascinating to see who goes along to play against Borehamwood.

One final point from me before I clock off for the day; isn’t it nice to have all of this business done early, but also, doesn’t it frustrate that we were told that it’s really difficult signing players during a World Cup? It feels a little like the wool was pulled over our eyes a bit if I’m honest and it shows that actually the club is prepared to do things in the summer.

Let’s just hope it works in our favour for the season ahead.

Catch you all tomorrow.

Laters people.