Morning party people. How’s it hanging?

I don’t know whether today will be a relatively short blog because if I’m completely honest, I’m struggling to get too bent out of shape over rumours that Ivan Gazidis could potentially be on his way to AC Milan. You’d have got long odds on that happening, on a website like this website, six week’s ago that’s for sure. Especially as he was masterminding the exit of Arsene and the ‘New Era’.

I have no real issue with Gazidis. I think he’s done an okayish job at Arsenal and now that he’s managed the transition at Wenger we would see whether or not he does indeed have what it takes to steer Arsenal in northerly direction towards the summit of the Premier League. But in the decade or so that he’s been at the club he’s hardly been the massive driving force that he might have liked to have been.

Perhaps that was because his hands were tied with the control that Arsène exerted, but there have been times in the recent past in which he’s had an opportunity to speak out a little more than he’s done, whereas at other times he’s said a lot of very impressive things, but it hasn’t always been backed up.

If he were to jump ship any time soon it would just tell me that perhaps hiding behind the fact his hands were tied by Wenger was something that suited him.

Huh, look at me, I said I wasn’t really that fussed about talking about Gazidis and yet here I am nattering away five paragraphs deep into today’s ramblings.

It’s probably because there’s little else going on. There’s so little going on that the other day I switched my Twitter notifications for the Arsenal Twitter feed on. I’ve been regretting it since however, because they do tweet a lot of rubbish, I have to say. I keep finding myself dismissing 75% of what they’re going on about but just like when my brother Steve and I had to keep watching Lost for fear of the next episode being amazing and revealing all, I find myself not able to switch off the Arsenal notifications, just in case something important is announced.

There’s some semi interesting reading from Arsène Wenger after he did an interview for beIn Sports and he gives some interesting snippets away. I do find myself still a little bit reticent to read or listen to his stuff just yet though. I think it’s kind of like having to listen to an ex partner after a break up or divorce. Sometimes you just need a little time and I think for me I need a little bit of time away from Arsène’s words and interviews before I can go back to the man who I once revered so much. I’ve skimmed through the interview but stopped about halfway through. Feel free to have a read if you so desire.

Right, that’s pretty much it from me today, on account of there being little else going on other that Unai working his players into the ground. We hope.

Catch you on the other side of today. Also known as tomorrow.