Happy Saturday unto thee. Although with the Welbeck situation, as well as the fact that the club are talking about Danny getting well soon, etc, I think we can put a few together to think that it’s probably the worst.

And that’s a horrible situation. It’s horrible for the player because with five goals this season he looked like a guy who was going to have a proper impact on our season. In the summer he looked like a player on the out and supposedly Emery wasn’t so fussed on his regular inclusion, but as was the case with Wenger, it feels like Welbeck has shown through versatility and his energy that Welbeck is a player that you simply can’t ignore.

And it’s because he’s so likeable that it makes the news all the more painful. It’s painful for him but it’s also it’s painful for us. Painful because he was having an impact in games. He was scoring goals. How many third choice strikers has such an impact on a team?

It’s a total shame because as the club announced that there still needs to be a formal diagnosis, we all know that the horrible reality of a potential season-ending injury looms near for poor Welbz, but we just await the final diagnosis.

And it’ll be a diagnosis that will affect our season. It (hopefully) won’t be like the Eduardo or Ramsey situation, but it will have an impact, because a very well liked member of the team is suddenly not part of the regular group of players training every day. It’s one thing to be impacted by a horrible injury during the game, but the longer-lasting impact is also something that needs to be taken into consideration.

But it doesn’t need to be a millstone around the players necks. It doesn’t need to tie them down psychologically. In the very game that we lost Ramsey to that horrible injury we saw Cesc react with a penalty and a look on his face that said “for Rambo”.

We need a “For Welbz” moment now. We need the team not to wilt like they did with Gallas on the pitch at Birmingham. We need the kind of collective unity that Unai feels like he’s brought since joining.

But that needs to not be the ol’ classic ‘new manager bounce’ kind of unity. That needs to be a guy who says “lads, for Welbz” and stirs the emotions in the players to perform.

And that starts on Sunday. It starts with an emphasis and drive to our play that means we get three points but that we don’t do it the hard way. We need to be galvanised by this situation. We need to rise up and say “Danny, we’re gutted that this has happened to you, but we’re going to turn this into a rally call”.

And I hope Unai does this. I hope he uses it as fuel for the Arsenal fire and we go into the international break with a team that is galvanised.

The feel good factor at Arsenal has been developing. I hope we can maintain it on Sunday.