We’re reaching the home stretch of the transfer window (thankfully) and with only four days left this week to get deals done there will invariably be a bit of trolley dashing from a few clubs at the last minute.

I really don’t get it if I’m honest. If you know you need a player why not put the legwork in during December so you can get them in early? It doesn’t really make sense. But it is what it is and that’s where Arsenal are, with even Ornstein chucking in a Perisic rumour to get some Arsenal fans excited. I doubt we’ll be seeing him for Cardiff or Man City though, even if he does sign, and if you want to find out football expert’s predictions for to match show then you can have a look for yourself.

He’s a good player – very good player – of course we know that. But he’s also 29 turning 30 in the summer. We have a few players in that mould we picked up in January and last summer and given that there is probably a pressing need to balance the age profile of the team, the Perisic signing feels like an appeasement one for transfer-hungry, signing-salivating, fans more than anything else.

If it’s a loan-to-buy deal and then we decide it’s not a great move in the summer at £35million then that’s fair enough, but I’d be surprised if Inter are happy to see a first team player toddle off for six months and then receive them back with their value depleted a little bit because of an extra six months off their contract.

So whilst it’s a nice little move to see that Arsenal are exploring all levels of talent and not just the Suarez-esque type of signing, I’m not sure it’s one that will a) happen, and b) be the right type of signing for the club.

Of course I’m your archetypal Arsenal fan and that is somebody who has been conditioned in to believing Arsenal’s cupboard is perpetually bare when it comes to money for transfers. So I’m basing my skepticism over the Perisic deal on the basis that it would blow a large proportion of the transfer kitty in the summer on that one player. If somebody was to tell me that his signing would have no impact on the ability for us to find a centre half, another ‘keeper, a right back for when Bellerin is out and then to compete with him, a Ramsey replacement and possibly a centre midfielder, then I’d be all for the Perisic move.

But I suspect that signing Perisic on a long term deal would be a big chunk of the transfer “war chest” and we’d probably need to get five players with a remaining pot of about £50million. That’s the only reason I’m reticent to see the deal happening, not because I’m not keen on the player, or that I don’t think he could play a big part in the remainder of our season.

Because it’s obvious he could. We’re missing Welbeck as an attacking threat. He’s already ostracised Özil and decided to include him less in his plans. Ramsey is only now just finding his way back in to the team. Perisic coming in would give us a fantastic creative outlet and I’d have a tiny bit more confidence that we’d do better than I think we currently will, both domestically, as well as in Europe.

That’s the main news I’ve seen so far but I’m sure we’ll get some more bluster between now and Thursday. Probably quite a lot of it. Whether or not anybody coming in will happen between now and then I’m not so sure. Finding clubs willing to let a first team player go out on loan, or even a squad player like Suarez, has proved difficult and so it wouldn’t surprise me to see that nothing happens by Thursday evening. But I’d rather that than the club blinked and went for someone like Suarez from Barcelona on an over-inflated deal.

We’ll just have to see I guess.

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More thoughts tomorrow ahead of the Cardiff game.