OK I’m officially getting bored of the Ozil stuff now. I had a couple of flicks through my timeline yesterday and that’s all that was being talked about. Honestly, I think people spent more time talking about the than when we won one pot the recent FA Cups a few year’s back.

I guess that’s the thing though: people spend a lot more time over-analysing the things that go wrong rather than asking in what goes right. When everything is ok people just tend to shrug there shoulders, smile and get on with their lives. But this Ozil stuff is rumbling on and yesterday I found myself wishing my life away from a football sense. It’s crazy because we are still in a hunt for top four, still in the Europa League and whilst the football is pretty turgid at the moment, we still have the chance of some glory right now.

Ok, it feels like because the football is so crap that we ultimately probably won’t get what we’re hoping for, but until that is 100% confirmed we should still have the hope. Yet yesterday I found myself wanting it to be the summer so that the whole Ozil saga can be sorted out. I don’t want him to go, I want the club to be successful, I think that is with him in the team. But if somebody told me that all of this would go away in the summer and we could focus on the rebuild job left from the mess of Wenger and Gazidis, then I’d probably say “give me a Delorean, I’ll meet you in June” with the way I feel right now.

Perhaps though it’s us as fans. Perhaps the rise of social media and the massive presence that Arsenal have built through it’s social media strategies – which you’d have to say have been very successful given the number of people globally who follow Arsenal – has resulted in such inevitable divisions and that will always happen. I’m starting to think that way. If you have a football club with 100,000 global fans and one with 100million fans, which one is going to have more extreme views on the way in which the direction of the club is going?

But is it also us as Arsenal fans? Are we the reason? Do we just need to have something to argue about? I’ve always thought that football fans are football fans. Every fanbase has a selection of idiots, racists, keyboard warriors, fanboys of players, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. But it does feel like we are a fanbase that seems to argue with each other more than any other. Again, that could be down to the fact that we’ve got such a large global following and more people means more propensity for disagreement. But we’ve also seen Arsenal’s post 2004 championship winning team co-incide with a decline in competitiveness (for the league) in an era in which fan voice has exponentially increased. And when things aren’t all perfectly rosy then it is inevitable that there will be friction caused.

So we get to where we are now in which it feels like there’s constantly something to in-fight about. People tend to always get more passionate online when they disagree with each other because the football results are going south. Kind of an obvious statement to make I know; if we were top of the league and six points clear there wouldn’t be too many disagreeing whether a back three or a back four is the best option, but I guess what I’m thinking about this morning is why there always has to be a line drawn in the sand for us Arsenal fans. Why do you always have to fall on a certain side of the fence? Is it just something that defines us? Will we as Arsenal fans always be #SomeoneOut or #SomeoneIn? Is that our brand? Is that what defines our fanbase?

We talk about how Liverpool fans are insufferable because of the way they are and let’s face it their brand is to be the most annoying fanbase in history online, but is ours to be permanently the most dividied?

I hope not. It’s really draining. I don’t even have that much of a social media following online and even I find it draining to respond to people jumping on something I say. Or something I write.

Dunno. Perhaps it’s just worse right now because we’ve come off the back of a terrible defeat away to a very poor Belarusian team, which is followed by an empty weekend of football. But here I am this Sunday morning just hoping that all of this division can start to be rectified some way or another.

Our maybe it won’t. That’s a sobering thought. Maybe we will just lurch from one issue to the next. It’s Ozil and Emery now. Perhaps after that it’ll be Sanllehi, or maybe even the next man that comes in to coach the club?