Howdy folks and welcome to a brand new week, a week in which we could go a long way in to defining our first season under Emery, with Rennes in the Europa League and Man United on Sunday.

And after the weed feeling of frustration-but-also-pride that many of us are feeling after this weekend in choosing to start the working week with a bit of optimism ahead of these two big games. If you’d have told me I could have seven points from the last three matches I’d have bitten your hand off last Saturday week. If you’d have said the team appears to have clicked and are looking in decent shape ahead of the final stages of the season I’d have told you I’m surprised and delighted in equal measure.

So despite the fact we missed a glorious opportunity to really lay down a marker away at Tottenham and get that ‘big six’ away winless monkey off our back, we have to look at the fact we went to a close rival who are supposed to be miles better than us, then probably deserved to edge a win on the day, despite what Pochettino said in the immediate aftermath of the game.

And it is that word ‘momentum’ that springs to mind and has me in a positive mood this morning. It feels like there’s a little bit of momentum behind us right now. I know it’s only three games but there were three good performances and vital points picked up so we need to be appreciative of the importance that momentum can bring. Take Tottenham for example. They have looked miles apart from us all season and yet we went to their temporary shelter, created chances, should have won the game and have come away disappointed with a draw. They however would have been delighted with a point just to stop the rot. I’m under no illusions that they are still four clear of us and will probably smash Southampton away next weekend, but at least we have shown what momentum can do for this Arsenal team and it at least provides a bit of hope ahead of the pivotal league game against United on Sunday.

Elsewhere the talk of the town – some of it might be on the show with the lads tonight – is about these leaked pics of the supposed new Arsenal kit that Adidas will be bringing out at the end of this season and of to be believed, it’ll include a little bit of an homage to the bruised banana kit of the early nineties and if true, it’s a nice little touch by Adidas. But let’s be honest here, what difference will it really make, other than maybe a few more sales? But even that will surely not make too much difference. After all, if you’re an Arsenal fan you might buy the kits, if you’re not, you probably won’t.

I don’t really get why people get so wound up with kits. Who really cares? It’s a strip worn by the team and it’s red and white. That’s about all that matters. And if you’re getting all bent up out of shape about the design of a football kit then I’d probably recommend some smelling salts. Or a lie down for a bit.

As for me, there’ll be no such lie down because it’s off for a day in the old Grey Smoke of London. Will catch you guys soon.

Laters potatoes.