I had a few drinks last night and bleurgh, i’m feeling a little worse for wear, i have to tell you.

But I wasn’t drunk enough to watch England last night and despite the fact they smashed Czech Republic I can’t get too excited about a team captained by The Crayon-eating Dribbler up top. Sorry.

So there’ll be no real effort to talk about any of the Arsenal players in action this weekend other than to say that I hope we don’t pick up any knocks for any of our key players over the weekend. This is the kind of international window when you do see that kind of muscular injury picked up though. We’re getting towards the end of the season, players have been playing plenty of games in the league, fatigue starts to set in and ahead of a busy April we could really do with some good news on all of our international players.

The rest of the players are of course in Dubai and the club have been posting videos and pictures of the players training over the last 24 hours and you have to have a heart made off stone not to be pleased to see Danny Welbeck with the team running and training. He probably won’t make many appearances between now and the end of the season and i’d be surprised if we saw him until the end of April at the earliest, but just to see the guy back and in the squad is heartwarming. He’s a well-liked player, he was an important part of Unai Emery’s squad before he picked up his injury in November. He’s the sort of player who is your ideal squad rotation player during a season and to have Unai robbed of that was a big blow. But if he can play some sort of meaningful part in the remainder of the season before he inevitably leaves the club that could be really important for us.

Especially given that Denis Suarez is turning out to be the archetypal ‘Kallstrom’ type signing this season. We see him in training, he gets the odd sub appearance, but in reality his impact thus far is negligible. You have to wonder what’s going through his head but also what Unai was thinking when we signed him, because he just hasn’t trusted Suarez at all since signing him on loan and the idea of us coughing up any additional cash in the summer seems fanciful. But with Iwobi and Mkhitaryan suddenly hitting a patch of form, with Ozil and Ramsey suddenly back in from the cold, now with the potential of a returning Welbeck in to the team, it does feel as though the Suarez deal was a little pointless in hindsight.

Who knows, he may still have a role to play in the coming months, but it doesn’t look as likely now does it?

I watched the warm weather training sessions the club are on at the moment and Lacazetter was there and quite why he’s not in the French squad is beyond me though. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy we don’t have to worry about him as much as some other players, but it does seem a bit mental that we have a deadly and world class finisher at a mid season training camp when some of his international colleagues and the likes of Olivier Giroud are plying their trade in Europe this weekend. It’s just, well, weird is all.

Anyway, not a lot else going on at the moment so I’ll leave you to enjoy your Sunday and depending on how this evening goes – another boozy one in London for me and The Management – I might do a blog on some predictions for the remainder of the season tomorrow.

But I’ll catch you then.