Signing relatively unknown goalkeepers, when we should be hard at work getting on board defenders and wingers, you say? That’s the Arsenal I know!

I had begun to wonder what the new regime would cook up in their first full summer transfer window but it appears that they’ve dusted off Wenger’s old “how I deal with the transfer window” manual and have started at page one.

I’m of course being flippant and of course we need to identify young players like Schubert before they get snapped up by teams that are better than us at the moment, but with June quickly disappearing away from us I had kind of hoped we’d be on the verge of something for the first team by now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not losing my sh*t or anything, but it would be nice to know we’re on the cusp of something and after a supposed flurry of activity last week where we were linked with quite a few players, all of a sudden – Schubert aside – we seem to have gone a little quiet.

Perhaps that’s because everyone’s on their holidays at the moment. Perhaps it’s because the market is waiting for a ‘mega move’ like an Mbappe to Real for a bazillion euros. But it does feel like we need to get a wriggle on.

Although having said that, officially anyway, it wasn’t until we hit July that we signed most of our players last season. Lichtsteiner and Leno arrived on 1st July. Sokratis arrived on 2nd July. Torreira put pen to paper on 10th July and Guendouzi was brought in on 11th July. And at the time I seem to recall thinking that at least the club had done its business nice and early. So if we take that as an example of a half decent window, then that’s the blueprint we should be looking at in terms of deals done, as well as when they’ll be done, which means we still have a bit of time yet methinks.

My hope is that the first week of July is where we see Arsenal sorting their shizzle out because there’s one thing we definitely need and that’s a pre season in which Unai has time to mould the players in to the shape and style he wanted. He tinkered a lot last season and sometimes that was to our detriment. At times the players didn’t really look like they knew what sort of style they were playing and so what most of us are looking for in this season is a manager who has his players he wants, in the playing style he wants, delivering the outputs he wants.

It’s time we started to look a little more organised.

And that can start in the transfer window. If in the first week of July we’re wrapping up players in positions where we need to strengthen then it will put a lot more fans at ease. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be thinking we’re challenging for the league by any stretch of the imagination, but if the club look to have brought in the right players in the right positions then I’ll be happy as they head off on their many pre season tours.

They just need to make sure they get it right. Let’s have no Suarez style mistakes. That one is sticking out like a big, red, flashing, alarm bell right now and given that he was one of ‘Unai’s men’ it hardly looks like we have a clever plan to be better than the rest in the transfer market based on that evidence.

But hey, we’re still in the early stages of the window and as I mentioned above, it’s not until July that things start to crank up. So let’s just hope the club are simply lining up ducks ready to strike in about two weeks.

Catch you all in the morrow.