Morning folks and welcome to Tuesday. It’s going to be a hot and sunny one in London and despite the inevitably humid office temperatures many of us desk jockeys will have to endure, if rather that than cold, wet, dark and grey so I’ll take that now.

It’s also a good day because yesterday’s #WeCareDoYou campaign appears to have really struck a chord with Arsenal fans the world over. Launched yesterday morning UK time with a series of blogs, tweets, radio coverage and a petition which as I write has hit 80,000 signatories, the voice of the Arsenal fan base is speaking. And it’s saying that we do not want to sit idly by on our hands as Kroenke and KSE continue to neglect our club.

Once again I think it’s important to reiterate this though:

This campaign is not about a collective of people who believe that overnight we will get Kroenke to up sticks, jack it all in and never return to England, like the American guy in the Guy Ritchie movie Snatch. It is also not about us telling KSE to drop £200million into the transfer budget.

This is about us as a fan base asking the ownership to make people accountable for the successful future of the club. As a reminder, I don’t believe that giving £2.5million bonuses to Chief Executives who cannot strike market comparable commercial deals to be an example of somebody being ‘held to account’. Gazidis offered little improvement for his areas of focus and only left because he clearly knew that he was going to be found out eventually.

Likewise – and as I said on the radio show last night – whilst I have nothing personal against Venkatesham, he was promoted at the club having also been part of a commercial team that left has been left behind by all of the top six rivals from a commercial perspective.

How are these the actions of any ownership that wants to ensure we are being the best we can be? Where are the strategic objectives set, reviewed and analyses over a set period of time?

There aren’t any and that’s just one of the reasons this collective of people all gathered together – over a month ago now – to talk about what we can do.

It starts with this and the noise made by fans. But this has to only be the start. We have to continue to voice our concerns because unless we do our utmost to try to hold the club to account in every way we can. And I’m fully behind that.

I’d rather not be talking about this sort of stuff but many Arsenal fans feel like we need to do something. I’d much rather be talking about the on the pitch stuff and yesterday’s 3-0 win, which included a goal from the new boy Martinelli will have gone down with the US Gooners who were out there in Colorado in the early hours of the morning UK time. It’s lovely to see such amazing global support and that in every city in every country in the world there are Arsenal fans who go through the same torment that I do! But for them it’s great to be able to see the team play local to them as opposed to spending thousands of pounds to get to the Emirates here in London. So fair play to those fans and hopefully they all enjoyed a carnival atmosphere.

For us here in London it’s about letting some dust settle, see what the club does (which will inevitably be nothing) and then work out how we can keep going and demonstrate to Kroenke that we won’t just be sitting on our hands and letting him drive the club in to further mediocrity.

Catch you all tomorrow.