Welly, welly, welly. Looks like that ‘orrible lot blinked first out of the underperforming teams this season and with rather a lot of swiftness, have turned around a Pochettino exit and a Mourinho arrival in the space of less than 12 hours.

Normally I don’t bother taking about them much but there’s a few things that are worth discussing in relation to this little changeover at The Tiny Totts that are worth picking up.

Firstly, the fact that a manager who was roundly liked, had been credited with turning them into a successful team and who had a lot of goodwill stored up from the fans, has been given the can. Their performances were poor and Levy said as much in his statement. That is very different to our situation though. Our performances have been poor all season, of course, but we are still ever-so-slightly ahead of them. So perhaps our situation isn’t as viewed as dimly on the outside as it is amongst us fans. As for the goodwill of fans, well, Unai Emery has used all of his up already. So yesterday I saw very quickly how Arsenal fans were dropping in some gallows humour about how Arsenal should be looking at the neighbours garden, etc, etc.

It shows that were the Arsenal board to pull the trigger any time soon, there wouldn’t be anywhere near as much sadness as the Totts fans are displaying right now.

The second interesting point about this is that it – thankfully – rules us out of José Mourinho taking the job at The Arsenal. The man is an odious, spiteful and not very likeable person in any way, shape or form and in joining the enemy he’s enabled us to continue to have disdain for his existence in the footballing world. He can be panto villain again for all of us and that’s a-ok with me.

Thirdly, and perhaps most interestingly for me, is the swift way in which this has all come about. This decision to sack Pochettino hasn’t just happened yesterday. Levy will have been putting the wheels in motion for probably a week or so and with the announcement of Mourinho so early this morning too, it effectively confirms that. From an Arsenal perspective I have to hope that when the time comes to ditch Emery – and that feels closer depending on the results in the coming weeks – we apply the same process. If you’re going to can somebody you’d better be sure you have a replacement lined up.

So if Emery does go any time soon, who will replace him, and could that be someone like Pochettino?

Stranger things have happened and let’s face it, Pochettino did have a positive impact on his team until this season, although from what I’m led to believe that’s because of a series of factors within the dressing room that aren’t working out. If Pochettino took over at Arsenal at some stage in the future, could he manage some of our own issues we have, and could he build an identity and style of play that would work at The Arsenal?

These are hypothetical questions that I doubt will be answered this side of Christmas anyway. That’s because I think Emery will scrape through to Christmas and he can start his attempted comeback against Southampton in a couple of days time. As much as I want a change in management, as much as I would take Pochettino at The Arsenal, I cant hope for anything other than four wins out of our next four league games, which would get us at the doorsteps of Christmas at least finding some sort of form.

That has to be the hope of any Arsenal fan: winning football matches and keeping our Champions League aspirations alive. That can only happen if we win our next four league matches I reckon and so for us, for all the talk of manager merry-go-rounds, we have to hope that the team can pull together some kind of results and momentum.

Right, I’m done for another one, so I’ll catch you tomorrow. Have a grand old time until then.