Morning folks. Hope you and your families are well.

On Sunday I got up and flicked on the TV to see what’s knocking about that isn’t talking about Covid-19 and, sadly, it was all about Covid-19. My default channel on my TV downstairs is Sky Sports and they had Sunday Supplement on and the chaps who joined Jacqui Oatley were debating exactly what they are going to talk about for the next two weeks. I mean, given every footballer appears to be self isolating it’s not like there’s going to be much happening at all, is there? The normal rumours and stories about players and clubs will grind to a halt. There’ll be plenty of people hitting their phones to find out some information about…well…anything really, but one of the tabloid journo’s even admitted that they’ll revert back to transfer speculation for the next few week’s.

I mean it was the most tacit admission that the newspapers are basically going to drive as much nonsense about transfers down our throat and 90% of it will be as fake as fake can be, that you could ever imagine, but hey anything to spin a story from nothing, right?

And that’s what we’ve got to contend with now. This is like a second summer window, only without the slightly warmer weather, plus a bit more rain in this country. There’ll be no football, people will start going nutty over potential transfers, then having been whipped up into a frenzy it’ll all go quiet again.

I’ve heard more and more people talking about voiding the season and the more I think about it, the more I wonder about some sort of early finish or voiding might be a good idea. The optimist in me (I am an optimist in everything in my life except when it comes to The Arsenal, I will point out) hopes that if they do that and it doesn’t screw us over too much (i.e. they take our final league position now), then they also start the season earlier for next season. Imagine if it started at the end of July, for example? It would also allow for a longer winter break and give teams a longer period of football next season with which to play more games.

It could also have an impact on the Qatar World Cup in 2022. That’s due to start in November 2022 and finish just before Christmas 2022. If next season was brought forward to the end of July, then teams just had a winter break for a month for November and December – the same time frame as the World Cup, it acts as a ‘dry run’ for Premier League clubs, doesn’t it?

The other option is postponing the Euro’s and running them at the same time as the 2022 World Cup. So you run the Euros in November this year to too.

It would mean teams could prepare for the following year and work out training schedules with that in mind, plus it means the season isn’t as badly affected as you could still finish in May 2022 like a normal season. To me this sounds like it could work. I know I’m not a football expert, there are clearly plenty of issues that would need to be ironed out and the logistics will be complicated, but this could actually work. Professional footballers are currently being give their recuperation time now. I know it’s enforced and that’s not great, but if you voided the season now and then by mid April or towards the end of May that is confirmed, if we are starting to get over the worst of the virus, perhaps normality could be restored, players can do their holidays in May as more people go back to flying around the world, then the players return at the beginning of June to start their pre-season ahead of starting the actual Premier League season in July. We then do a month off in the middle of the season, start back up on 1st January and go until the end of May like a normal season end. It also means that the 2022/23 season goes back to normal.

But what do you think? What do you reckon is the best course of action for the footballing community? I’m keen to hear ideas on this.

Catch you peeps tomorrow. I suspect the blog will start to become a bit sporadic over the next couple of week’s as I work out what the bloody heck to talk about given football news will start to grind to a halt.

Later’s people.