Ahh man. Yesterday writing ab out Arsenal was tough. Some days I bound down the stairs and can’t wait to spill some virtual thoughts on the page, but right now it feels like a massive slog and i’ll be honest with you, part of me wonders whether I will bother. Like the football itself I have just become a bit worn down by it all. At a time of year that I usually love, my biggest love – The Management and Family aside –  is making me feel like I am falling out of love with it. The writing I mean. I mean the club itself will stay with me until I die; that love is unconditional and much like there are people in the world you can love but not like very much, that is how I am with Arsenal right now. So I think that after today I’ll take a bit of time away from writing my daily blog. It is a labour of love and I’ve done it since we signed Arteta from Everton as a player back in the day, but I need to fall back in to love with writing about The Arsenal so I think I’ll take a week or so off and see how I feel. Hopefully I’ll be back again in a week’s time with a bit more energy and verve about me.

Right now I just don’t feel like writing much about Rapid Vienna, the North London Derby, possible links to Christian Erikson, etc. It just isn’t motivating me enough. And when something doesn’t bring you joy in life, when it seems more like a chore than anything else, but when you have the choice to minimise that which is actively making you grumpy, you should just either stop doing it, or give it a little bit of a break.

I have enough things in my life to keep me a happy man. Friends, family, job and in terms of my own health and security I am good (touch wood!) as I write this. All of these things make me think that there is more to life than waking up at 7am feeling a bit down because of my football team.

Hopefully catch you all in a week’s time, feeling a little more refreshed and starting to feel like my old self again.

Laters peeps. Be good.