23 12, 2022

Arteta’s ‘active’ Arsenal

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With the Christmas weekend now upon us, we have been granted some lovely ol' content presents from Arsenal, as Arteta faced the press yesterday ahead of the  West Ham game on Monday night. First and foremost, the injury and player availability was the first thing he was quizzed on and the music to all Arsenal [...]

17 09, 2021

Arteta’s straight bat is good for me

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Mikel had his pre-Burnley press conference yesterday and as is the way these days, he said some things that I'll be darned if I don't end up getting excited when I hear him talk. I know football is about what is on the pitch,  I know that the football has not been great for a [...]

12 09, 2019

Emery needs to select is midfield three and stick to it

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I always love this time of the season. As Lisa Simpson once said about the time after they've been to Church "it's the longest possible time before we have to go again!" And I couldn't echo those sentiments more. International football is boring, dull, slow, plus my choice of allegiances are fixed to a team [...]

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