Chelski, eh? A deplorable club with a racist captain and selection of racist fans. But did we expect anything else? It’s like somebody telling you that politicians don’t always tell the truth. No sh*t Sherlock.

Anyway, the less time spent on that odious team the better, so let’s talk about something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last few days:

If you had to pick a player of the season right now, would you choose Santi Cazorla or Alexis Sanchez?

Good one, eh? I could have chosen one or two other candidates and, with his form looking very good at the moment Giroud might force his way in by the end of the season, but there’s no doubt in my mind (and if assume you’re too) that the stand out contenders this season so far are the tiny little Spaniard and the diminutive Chilean.

I really can’t distinguish between the two, which one has been the outstanding performer this season, which is a real positive in an otherwise ‘okayish’ season at best.

Cazorla has looked unplayable since December. He’s had the odd game in which he’s not been at his best, but those games have tended to see the whole team under-perform, so you can’t shift all the blame in his direction. At Momeychester City, plus against Middlesbrough this last weekend, he has been particularly splendid in his play.

I don’t know whether it’s this deeper-lying playmaker role that he’s carved out for himself in the absence of other midfielders due to injuries, but he has been able to dictate play so much better when starting from deeper in our team. I love how he can retain the ball from opponents, shifting it from one foot to the other in a seemingly never-ending spiral that dazzles midfielders on the other side. The run he made – irregardless of whether it went anywhere – at City to give breathing space to our defence by taking on about five players before having the ball smashed at his face whilst on the floor, was everything that makes him exciting to watch. In that game in particular, we saw how important it is to have a player who can retain possession and also still find a teammate with a pass. Against the Spuds he wasn’t able to impact the game and coupled with the poor retention of the ball across the whole team, it contributed massively to our downfall, as we weren’t able to provide that same breathing space for our under siege back four like we did in Manchester.

It’s why I think that this possible new game plan of the team – score the early goal and soak up pressure – is one that can only be successful when you have players on the pitch with the technical ability to hold on to the ball. The immediate names in my mind that immediately spring up are Giroud, Özil and Cazorla. If those three can relieve a defence constantly soaking up pressure, by holding on to the ball longer, we have a greater opportunity to be successful in those types of games.

But what about Alexis? Shouldn’t be get the nod against a resurgent Santi? After all, he’s been a one-man match winner at times this season and the fact that he’s bagged so many goals in his first season, just shows how important he is. He’s still getting used to playing in the English Premier League and he’ll not have experienced too many challenges like the robust tackle he got from Upson against Leicester just over a week ago.

Like Cazorla, his dribbling ability is fantastic and matched with lightning pace, he’s been a godsend for us this season. The goal he scored at home against City was one that emphasises his overall technical ability and he has shown that he’s a natural finisher when he gets the chance too.

His goals haven’t been as prolific in coming over the last few games, but he has been injured and he still looked a wee bit rusty against Middlesbrough, but the speed of thought he showed with Özil with some of their quick interchanges of passes was a delight to watch. With it widely recognised that Özil struggled after the World Cup and was then injured, I am hoping that this weekend’s displays from both of our big money signings was the start of something beautiful, because both are capable of big things at Arsenal.

Arsène has spoken to the official site about how quickly Alexis has settled in, citing the fact that he’s played in different leagues, his desire to play for Arsenal, as well as the many Spanish speaking players in the league, as a key to his instant success. But I think – and hope – that this is the start of a glittering career at the club. His energy and drive is an inspiration to some of our players and, perpetual Arsenal injury crisis aside, with someone like him in the team and a more consistent squad for Arsène to choose from, I do get the sense that he can help the players to elevate their own games more and more as he gets used to the language and his teammates.

I still haven’t given an answer, have I? That’s probably because I really can’t pick between the two. If I had a gun to my head I’d probably go for Santi, but that’s mainly because I love a ‘resurrection’ story and the idea that Santi wasn’t going to get games this season with the talent we have available was always going to be a ridiculous notion, because he’s that talented that he was always going to force his way into the managers plans.

My mind may change of course, as there are plenty of games still left to play, but right now keeping those two fit for the remainder of the season seems like the best possible chance we have of Champions League football and winning a trophy.

Who’s your pick?