Bit of a mega-delayed post today and, believe it or not, it’s not got anything to do with my concoction of Sagres, Vinho Verde and fine ruby Port I drunk yesterday. My Wi-Fi was being a little temperamental so I had to come away and come back again. Such is life I suppose.

The big ‘what if’ for today still surrounds the Petr Cech deal, but with Tony Roberts leaving the club for Lukas Fabianski’s Swansea, which would suggest a bit of shuffle is being made in the goalkeeping department. All the talk has been around Cech and his relationship with his goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon, so if the club are on the verge of the deal then they need to make space, so it would seem that this is a pre-cursor to some good news. It does mean that Gerry Peyton is still hanging around the training ground, but I’m sure he’ll be quickly shunted out the door when the situation becomes more clear.

I do find it amusing that the players are so powerful now, that they can dictate who is their goalkeeping coaches. If Fabianski can bring in Roberts and Cech can bring in Lollichon, who else is defining their coaching staff? It seems to be a ‘keeper isolated role. Maybe that’s because goalkeepers are a different breed to anyone else. “You don’t understand what it’s like to be stuck in between those nets boss, so I need to be able to pick my own team”. Alright diva ‘keeper, whatever.

The loser in this particular story should it become true, is a certain David Ospina, who it appears is attracting interest from Turkey. It’s a curious case, is this one, because Ospina has never truly convinced anybody it seems. Sure, he’s got a great chant (which seems to be cheesing more people off now though, actually), but his couple of shaky moments towards the end of the season only added fuel to those people unconvinced by him in general. Was it that he had no neck? Was it his height or, more importantly, lack of? Or was it where he had come from? £3million from Nice in France is hardly the type of marquee signing that haad everybody screaming “the title is ours!”. I seem to recall that everybody – me included – was quite happy with the deal last summer. Competition for Szczesny that would kick him on another level. So for things to swing so dramatically over the course of a season seems a little unnerving in my opinion.

If Cech does sign do we all think he won’t make the odd mistake? Because let’s face it, all goalkeepers do. Even Courtois had an occasional rick last season. David De Gea looked like a more fair headed Almunia at times in his first season. Yet they are regarded as the league’s best. Cech will make mistakes and how will we react? Better than when Ospina made a mistake? Why? Because he cost us over £10million and has a reputation? Seems a bit odd to me.

All this is to say that although I agree getting Cech in is the right move and certainly an upgrade, I do feel a bit sorry for poor old Dave, should this happen. He worked hard to establish himself as number one in the latter part of the season and now he stands on the precipice surrounded by Arsenal fans looking to push him off the edge.

I watched a 30 second video earlier of Ospina’s mistakes. One of them was him clattering in to Oscar and another was of him slicing the ball out of play whilst under intense pressure from an attacker. It’s hardly a litany of errors that leaves Arsene with no choice.

But perhaps this is just life? We need a squad with the best possible players available and if Cech is available and willing to sign, then harsh decisions need to be made. Like if your dog has puppies and you have to give them away. You might not want to, but it’s not practical to keep them all, so you have to make a tough decision. Arsene’s tough decision is Szczesny or Ospina. Given Szczesny is a home grown player, younger and perhaps Arsene sees more potential in him, then it is a natural selection choice. Whether Szczesny will accept being a number two having been first choice for the last few years (the second half of this last season gone by being the exception) remains to be seen, but we’ll soon find out I suppose.

Anyway, that’s me done for another day. There’s a Q&A with Ivan tonight, so I’m sure he’ll announce every single iron in the Arsenal fire that is out there, giving us full access to Arsene’s thoughts on transfers, etc. After all, he’s always answered those transfer questions in the past, hasn’t he?