Yesterday some Arsenal players were in action for England and, whilst I’m pleased that Theo got off the mark and the Ox chipped in (almost literally) with an assist, I didn’t bother watching the game and it’s difficult to read too much in to it. After all, I don’t want to watch a pointless thrashing featuring a team full of plumbers and window cleaners, because it is never a proper match up and so it proved with a 6-0 win.

I remember watching England beat San Marino 6-1 when Ian Wright got a hat trick and that game was interesting for all of ten minutes, because San Marino went 1-0 up. But at least Wrighty made it something worth talking about. I guess that’s the same for today. I didn’t really watch the game, I’ve seen the goals and the assist, but nothing more. By all accounts it looks like Theo got both of those goals from a wide right position and at a time where there are plenty of people saying he simply can’t play up top (something that I’m yet to dismiss, as I think there is a time and a place, personally), it looks like that argument has a little more weight to it when he has an effective game in terms of end product. Of course it was against part-timers, but they looked like decent enough strikes and when Theo’s biggest asset is that end product, you do wonder if Arsene might be tempted to give him a go in a position that a couple of years ago many would have thought was his own.

He hasn’t really been playing that regularly and when he does its through the middle. But he himself has mentioned that he’s now happy to play across all three front line positions (turns out money makes a big difference, who’da thunk it, eh?) so I do wonder what it will take for Arsene to choose Theo over Ramsey in that wide right position. Especially at a time in which the goals are not exactly free-flowing. Arsene plays Rambo because of his work rate and the intensity he brings. That’s not Walcott’s game, but at a time in which we could do with as much end product as possible, perhaps it’s worth the sacrifice by playing Theo out wide right, knowing that he might contribute little to overall play, but he’ll get in at the back post to slot balls home like he did yesterday evening?

Alexis also bagged himself a goal in a 3-2 win against Paraguay and with him it was probably a benefit to be getting another game under his belt rather than a hindrance as the internationals tend to be. The only down side will be that he’ll have a long journey back to  London to deal with, but he’s probably used to it by now, so hopefully it doesn’t affect him too much in terms of getting back and being ready for Stoke next Sunday.

Ahh, Stoke at home, in a 3pm kick off! remember those? Nah, me neither. And with that, I’m orft, because there really isn’t anything else to be talking about on this, a sleepy of Sunday’s.