I do find it amusing having a look at the official site after a big win, because there seems to be no end to the positive stories that appear, as opposed to after a crushing defeat when we get practically nothing. Radio silence is clearly the would de jour on those occasions. And who can blame Arsenal to be fair, because they get enough stick when it doesn’t go right, that when it does you need to capitalise on the wave of good will. Make hay whilst the sun shines and all that jazz.

Coquelin has had his say, Monreal has spoken of the need to start quickly, whilst Cech has praised the energy of Alexis after his return from the Copa America. 

He is one little bundle of fizzy joy, isn’t he, our Alexis? He’s bagged six goals in his last three games and already we look a different attacking threat to that of a month ago. He adds an impetus to the first team and his constant energy has an effect on other players around him. There was one moment in the first half where Theo sprinted back to win a tackle against Schweinsteiger, which immediately turned us in to attack, something that I’m sure the efforts and endeavours of Alexis contribute towards. I’m pretty sure that The Ox has already said something similar last season and it’s hard not to think that with him back to his best, it won’t rub off on others, for which I think we’re starting to see. 

The blueprint has been laid down now. We have been shown what Arsenal can do and now we have to see it more regularly. Arsène has admitted that the same performance levels and the same levels of near perfection from the first 20 minutes on Sunday, can’t be replicated all of the time throughout the season, but the need to reach close to that level on a consistent basis is something we’d all like to see more often. 

Momentum is everything in football and despite the turgid European performances we’ve had, we’re on a pretty good run at the moment, so whilst it’s great that we have a win rather than defeat to take us in to this international break, the fact that the break exists at all is a pain. The club will be a quiet place and it’ll just be Flamini and Arteta playing ‘keep away’ from Coquelin. The fact that Le Coq hasn’t made the French team yet is a bit baffling to me, but I’ll not complain if it means he’s got a week to recharge for Watford.

Unfortunately, the international break has somewhat scuppered the ability Arsène has to keep the players and that feel good factor together, so the challenge he will have is bringing the players back and recapture the confidence high post United. Oh, and if they could all come back not completely knackered, that would be grand. 

If you read my ramblings more often, you’ll know that I don’t really take any stock in the internationals, but I might just watch them this week because I’d be interested to see what happens with Walcott and Rooney. The difference between the two players’ performance on Sunday could not be more contrasted and if Roy was basing any kind of selection on merit and not hierarchy in the team, Rooney will get nowhere near the team and Walcott would get a run out up top. With Kane not scoring and Rooney looking a shadow of himself, it would surely be best for England to see if Walcott can replicate his movement and performance that he did for Arsenal at the weekend, but I suspect Roy will pander to the egos and we’ll see Walcott out wide right again. 

Anyway, that’s enough of the England musings, because it’s turning my stomach slightly. I need to go and watch a re-run of the goals again from the weekend, that’ll make me feel better.

Catch y’all tomorrow.