This Sunday could be a season defining game. The closer we get to it, the more and more it feels like it, yet I am still wrestling with my preconceptions that it isn’t. Because it’s Leicester. How crazy is that? If it was City, or United, Chelski or The Spuds, I’d have butterflies in my stomach even now, on a Wednesday morning.

Yet I don’t feel that. Much like Luke Skywalker, my feelings (or lack of in this instance) betray me, which would have me feeling nervous if only I felt something.

Perhaps this is exactly what Leicester want. They’re lulling us in to a false sense of security like they did to City last weekend. The bookies have made them favourites for the title but every fan of every other team in the top four is probably saying “nah, surely not. Surely? Really? Nah….”

Despite being five clear at the top, despite not having a big fixture list and despite being the bookies favourites, everyone still thinks that Leicester won’t do it. Which is perfect for them because they’ll keep racking up points and then before we know it they’ll be top of the league, a few points clear with just a game to go.

It would be a fairytale result for the Premier League, but for us it would be a nightmare, because we all thought this could be our season. 

That’s why this game at the weekend is massive. Because for us to win the league we need to start making moves now. I’m still to be convinced that we’ll do it. I think we have the players capable technically, I’m not sure about mentally, but when you look at the run of games we’ve got you can’t help but think that we will just fall short.

But that doesn’t stop the hope. It may be the hope what kills ya, but it also makes you feel alive as a football fan, so that’s why again this weekend is massive. A win will maintain the levels of hope. A defeat will surely put us back into the mire of malcontent, where as a draw does nothing for us, but puts Leicester a step closer by taking away one of those ‘big games’ that they were supposed to fold under pressure.

At least we have the return to form and fitness of players like Özil and Alexis to further our hope, because those two are our ‘X-Factor’ players, one of whom started the scoring last Sunday and the other one who will surely burst in to life soon. Alexis needs to. He’s been steadily growing back in to games after injury and now with two starts under his belt, one would hope that he will start bagging important goals for us. He’s had a couple of chances of late, but you can tell his radar is just off, so I’m hoping for some recalibration during training this week and then some goals against a team in which he ended his goal drought earlier in the season too.

Unfortunately there’s not much else football related to talk bout, but there is the small matter of Stan Kroenke buying another ranch in the US for $725million. The guy owns 11 and hey, why should we care, especially if it keeps him busy over there? Except these sort of things do matter, because he’s a man who has a supposed worth of $6.2billion, yet most of it is tied up in assets I believe. I wonder how many of his assets need to have ‘Management Fees’ syphoned out of them on an annual basis? I wonder how many of his assets require him to do little but take out dividends under another name? I wonder how many of his assets he will steadily move away from its people because he really doesn’t give a rats ar*ehole about?

The fact of the matter is that this is a guy who doesn’t care about Arsenal, just about how much money he can make out of Arsenal, so whoever made the final agreement that signing over the deeds to the club to this guy should be hanging their heads in shame right now. As a fan I am just waiting for the day that he makes his mark. He is in this for the long game of making money and none of us should be under any other illusion of that. And the only people that will suffer will be those who hold the club dearest.

Anyway, that’s enough of that for one day, time for a Wednesday in the Big Smoke. 

Cheerio for another day.