So the Welsh dragon had its wings clipped and its fire doused yesterday, by the Portuguese who were it not for Ronaldo, would probably be liked by a lot more neutrals.

That guy really is a narcissistic tosser, isn’t he? I mean just look at that self-gratifying celebration where he turns around to show his number and makes that over-elaborate wide-legged stance. I’m looking forward to when his career is on the wane and players just ghost past him because he’s just a little bit too old. I bet he becomes worse for complaining to refs as a result of his own diminishing abilities as he moves in to the autumn of his career. People compare him and Messi and whilst the latter is no angel – just ask the Spanish tax office – on the football field he is the epitome of class and will always find a teammate if they’re in a better position. Not Ronaldo though, oh no, he’ll take that shot on no matter what the odds against are. There will surely be some of those Portuguese players who will be delighted to see him gone in four years or so’s time.

As for the Welsh, it’s interesting to see how much the absence of Ramsey affected them. Bale dropping deeper to collect the ball didn’t allow him to get in as many advanced positions, but also Rambo’s replacement just wasn’t of the class that he has. What this Euro’s has shown Arsenal fans like myself is what value Ramsey can have in a certain system and given a certain element of artistic licence. However, As I’ve already said in a blog a few days ago, I don’t think our particular style will ever allow him to be full Ramsey. So if an uber-large bid came in from abroad, then we’d be mad not to accept something for him, I think. He’s a good player for us but the system just doesn’t fit in my eyes.

One things for sure, we’d be better keeping him than sending him off to Pep, if that story about City’s interest is true. If City did want him, with his contract still a few years long, the only way we should contemplate City is if they offered a crazy figure. Like, £70million crazy, because then you’d be mad not to accept and (not) reinvest in other positions where we need strengthening.

Tonight it’s the turn of Lolo and Ollie to face up to Mesut & co. Whilst my allegiances would normally shift to the team with the most Arsenal players, that German heritage I’ve already spoken about this week has to kick in, so I’m full behind Mez tonight. I think Germany have the better team and I think France will be forced to come out more than Italy did because they’re on home soil, so I think this could be a good game, or at least a game with a few goals. An old fashioned ‘you attack, we attack’ slugfest between two international juggernaughts would be ace.

Just don’t none of you Arsenal players get injured, yer hear?

The transfer stuff is still pretty quiet. I still don’t get why we didn’t have a proper go at Mkhitayran though, who was confirmed as a United player last night, because I think we could have had quite a player in a position that we should probably strengthen. Mourinho is doing what he does best and spunking cash, but so will Chelski, City, the Spuds and Liverpool, so unless The Jeff is being promoted to the first team because he’s already shown something awesome in training, I hope Arsène has other plans to dip into the cash reserves. We aren’t going to convince players like Alexis and Özil that we can win titles if we don’t build the best possible squad and give ourselves the best possible chance of winning the league. The existing squad, sadly, showed it isn’t capable, so we need new blood, ready to haul us up into loftier and more competitive heights.

I want Arsène to win the league for Arsenal so desperately. One way or another, his time at Arsenal is soon to be over, even if he ends up getting another extension. We’re still only talking a few years. So it would be nice for him to end his legacy with a title. Sadly, unless he does something special in this window, I don’t feel the existing squad is quite good enough to do it. We’ve been saying for a few years as a collective fan base “we’re just one or two players short”. Don’t do that to the squad this summer Arsène, please.