Happy Friday one and all and it’s a day closer to the old Saturday showdown against the most horrific excuse for a football team tomorrow, those racists from Chelsea, oh what a joy. More on the unspeakable evil that will descend upon North London when the team, management and detestable fans visit The Emirates tomorrow. In the meantime, what else shall we talk about? How about:


Ahh Jose, how I long for this season at United for you to be as ‘successful’ as last season was for you at Chelski, such is my loathing for the man.

He’s releasing his ‘stories’ and of course it’s the Daily Fail who are well in bed with him for The serialisation of his book. Two of the most evil entities combining to create gutter trash. It is the most unholy of alliances. You kind of want to have an exorcist on standby in case you come in contact with the two in unison. Reading that serialisation feels a bit like the end scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark

Don’t look at the light! Close your eyes and don’t open until I tell ya, OK?

You couldn’t write the script any better. Well you probably could, but the Mail would serialise that too and contaminate the story completely.

I’m not linking to it, but essentially Mourinho talks of physical abuse to Arsène and talk of ‘fights outside’. It’s literally the most playground spiel you’ve ever heard. Let’s just hope his uber-spunking of United’s money is a complete waste. It would be delightful to see United drop out of the top four this season. 

All of this, just after he’s made comments about how people in the media are trying to erase his 16-year career as a manager on the basis of last season. What, you mean like you hit the ‘delete’ button on Arsène’s first years, Jose? Heaven forbid the world should even think that you’re a hypocrite fella. Get in the mother-effin sea mate.

I do love that Maureen’s consistent Wenger bashing and calling him out has been more frequent since he first made the ‘voyeur’ quotes. The irony of Jose spending more time talking about Arsène than anyone else since he made the comments, isn’t lost on many of us, I’m sure. 

But that’s enough of him. He shouldn’t have even taken up half of this blog, so the name is stricken henceforth, with more talk of The Arsenal specifically the Ox, who has talked up the need for us to be disciplined against them lot tomorrow. I don’t think you’ll find many gooners disagreeing with that. Both times last season we fell foul to Costa’s antics and that gave a pretty poor Chelski team licence to peg us back. Even at The Emirates, when we outplayed them with 10 men, they still found a way to skank us. So I’m not holding out any hope that underhand tactics won’t be used by 72-year-old Diego Costa in trying to cheat himself an advantage. Whether that be diving, pushing, scratching or punching, the reprobate that is Chelski’s main man will be ready, willing and able to do the dirty on us tomorrow. Again, the most unholy of teams and players in particular. We have to be ready.

I’ll be interested to see if Arsène make specific reference to that scummer today in his press conference. He’s sure to be asked about that and Jose, but I’d be surprised if Arsène says anything too controversial. He’s too long in the tooth to bite like that idiot in Manchester, so I expect a dismissing of two people who enjoy eye-gouging in their spare time.

What I do hope is that the team news is positive. There are rumours that Giroud won’t make it, which will be a shame even from the bench, so I hope that those particular noises have cold water poured over them. We need as many senior players available for tomorrow. We need to win.

I reckon the players and fans will be massively up for it tomorrow. I hope we are at least. 

Catch you then.