So some football stuff happened this weekend, but nothing that would interest you remotely, so I might as well talk about how I love cheese. Right? That good for you? 

Probably not. The successful delivery of my cauliflower cheese in my Sunday lunchtime roast is hardly the most riveting story in the world. Pretty much like international football. All international football brings us is misery and boredom. We’ve got a good five days before the next set of games and another round of pointless matches to pray for Arsenal players not to explode into a fiery ball of human combustion. Alexis is the main concern though. We won’t really find out until Wednesday whether his country have ripped him to shreds. But from Arsène’s perspective, he has to be planning on the United game being sans Chilean on Saturday evening. Even if Alexis plays 90 minutes, somehow isn’t injured, then gets on the plane and heads back to London, there’s no way he should be risked at Old Trafford, because we’d surely loose him for a longer period of time. The scary news is that we’re effectively down to one fit centre forward in Olivier Giroud. I mean that not as a slight on the Frenchman, but more on the fact that we started the season with four centre forwards (if you count that Arsène always had it in his mind to play Alexis through the middle), but now we’re missing Welbeck, Perez and potentially Alexis. As November reaches its midway point, it already feels a little ‘crisis’y, doesn’t it?

Perhaps I’m being melodramatic though. After all, Lucas has been posting some videos of him training and we all know that Theo has previously fancied himself as a centre forward, so we know we have options. There’s probably some added nervousness caused by the performance in the North London Derby, that we went in to the international break off the back of a disappointing result. Had we beaten that lot then we’d probably have a more positive outlook at the moment, rather than having to spend two weeks stewing on what transpired the Sunday lunchtime before last.

A quick word for Southgate, who has sent home Harry Kane from England duty. Hang on a second – when have we ever had a manager making decisions on a players welfare like that? Why does it have to be for a Tottenham player? Why aren’t we running him in to the ground as a national team? That’s what’s always happened with Arsenal?!?!

There’s not really a lot else going on. I think I’m right in saying that no Arsenal players were involved in international duty on Sunday, with most of those having played on Saturday, so we just have to cross our fingers that today and tomorrow the players all manage to get through their matches with little concern. Although we know that something is bound to happen to one of them. Even if it’s a scare. They are, after all, Arsenal players.

Righto, I’m offski. See you tomorrow.