“Well? How many Arsenal players are the England team?” The Management said to me yesterday. 

“None at the moment. Full of dirty Spurs players. That’s why I’m only half watching this sh*tshow” I said at half time.

Of course much like the second half and the late flurry of goals, it got much more interesting, obviously because of the introduction of The Ox to have a go at the Scottish back line. My interest went up a whole 7% at his entrance in to the game, so it was lovely to see him break the deadlock yesterday, proving how when you ply him with a bit of confidence he can look a very different player indeed.

The hope is that we can get the deal for him done now, because injury avoidance permitting, he could get a fair few games next season. Especially if we’re persisting with this new formation. He didn’t play at wing back yesterday, instead reverting to a right winger, but his versatility and ability with the ball at his feet clearly paid off.

There’s really nothing else going on today, what with the gossipmongers and ITKs all clearly distracted by international football, but some of the gutter press have at least had a go at making up stories, including some rubbish about James Rodriguez and Aleksander Golovin.

Of course they’re probably a load of old tosh, but let’s not let any kind of detail get in the way of making up a story, shall we?

I have no idea where either of those players would fit either, unless you’re accepting defeat in the Alexis saga (which I think we all should and you’re looking at somebody to play on the left or right behind the striker in the new formation we have. 

Personally though, I suspect we’ll be going after the next level down when Alexis goes, which is why I think there’s probably something in the Mahrez rumours a couple of weeks back. It seems like the ‘easier’ transfer to complete. Player wants to leave, club probably prepared to sell, Arsène having admitted he likes him. And with the way or transfer business has been comducted over the last couple of years, you just know Arsène is going to go for the lowest of the low hanging fruit when it comes to players. Heck, some of those bits of fruit he just likes picking up from the floor, dusting off a bit and telling everyone that it’s “good as new”.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy my Sunday, so see that you do too.