Wednesday. Middle of the week territory. Far away from either the good memories of last weekend or the hopeful ones of the weekend ahead. The only punctuation of real excitement there is can be had through football and in today’s world we live in that means finding out the exact minute that Alexander Lacazette had his medical, met colleagues, forged lifetime friendships and had his picture taken in the kit. Lord knows what we’ll all talk about when it becomes official.

Not a lot probably. We’ll already be on to the next situation that needs sorting and, given the amount of work needed to be done this summer, that’s probably going to happen sooner than normal. With the squad going away on their tour of the outback, you’d hope that at least one more issue can be resolved, which is at least one of the players under contract do a deal with the club to stay. Or as is probably the case with Alexis (and the longer it goes on, I have a feeling the Ox, too) an announcement of his availability so we can plan for life without him.

I’d like to see an Özil signing a contract picture soon. I feel like that’s probably the easiest one for the club to cross off the list, given that he doesn’t have his pick of suitors and he also seems happy at The Arsenal, so I hope they tie him down soon. It would be a big boost for the fans after the Lacazette situation and would mean that we get a double shot of adrenaline before the squad starts playing in televised matches. If you’re talking about the perfect summer too, an Özil signing, followed by a tour, maybe another one in the bag when they get back, followed by an Ox renewal a week later, would make plenty of people happy.

Especially Santi, because by the sounds of it he’s going to be a spectator for most of next season, which really is tragic. I mean how can the footballing gods be so maniacal with a player who only brings joy and happiness with his game and his smile. 

He neva did no ‘arm to no one guv. 

So surely the football gods could smile on him, and us by proxy, by delivering an Arsenal team capable of winning the league with some of the best players playing in it? It seems like the only fair thing to do.

The harsh and clinical way to look at the Santi situation though, if you’re going to go all beancountery, is to look at the fact we’re essentially going to have given Santi a massive fully paid gap year by signing him on to an extension last season for one more year this season. Perhaps the more prudent thing to do would have been to have waited until the end of last season, but the wee Spaniard will have only had to walk in to Arsenal and smiled to have had a few hearts melt, so I don’t really blame the club for acting out of sentimentality. He’s been a great servant at Arsenal and has given us four and a bit great years, but if he plays in the first team again – assuming the injury speculation is true and he is out until April next year – then I’d be somewhat surprised.

In a similar way to being surprised to see Lucas as an Arsenal player next season. Such a shame. He was very good every time he played for us and should have been given more chances, but sadly he lacked that all important thing in a player playing for Arsenal these days: he wasn’t a ‘favourite’. Just look at Theo as an example of somebody who is. How he got as much game time as he did in comparison to Lucas Perez is a bit beyond me. And before the stats brigade point me in the direction of Theo’s goals, just look at Lucas’ goals to games ratio. More games and I think he’d have given more goals, but he also would have been more impactful in games too, because he works harder than Theo.

But if you’re not an Arsène ‘favourite’ what more can you do? If Espanyol go for him and get him, they’ll be getting a very good finisher who I reckon will bag them a hatful of goals. Guess we’ll just have to see how that one plays out.

And so it’s hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go for another day. Peace out and I’ll catch thee in the morrow.