Hello friends, I hope this day finds you well, certainly in the South East of England it should given the lovely sunshine I’ve woken up to. 

But we all know that we’re not here for my weather-related chit-chat, as delightful and rivoting as it is, so instead let’s talk Arsenal. Or more specifically, let’s talk Arsenal fans and how we have finally started to be subjected to the cartoon ITK ‘agent insiders’ in relation to transfer rumours.

I don’t know if it’s just my own preferences or not, but up until this point I’ve managed to all but avoid the ‘Agent49’, ‘insider’, or the latest that I saw today ‘The Football Mole’, spewing their irrelevant nonsense on to my timeline via retweets from other people I follow on Twitter. Personally I think that’s a very good run, to be in to July and only now having to roll my eyes when I see them. So I guess I can say that at least I’ve had a good run.

I’m sure some of you will tell me that I could just mute or block some of them and sure, with the Indy Kalia people of this world I have, but they’re like the heads of a Hydra. So there’s no point trying mute all of them. I’ve also found that in some of these cartoon ITK accounts – denoted by their profile pic being of not a real person – there can be some quite humourous retorts from some Arsenal fans I follow. So in order to chortle at the scorning, blocking or muting kind of spoils the punchline to the joke. 

Yesterday’s was some Chilean ‘Insider’ saying in Spanish that Alexis stays at the club. This is where you’ve got to love Twitter, because within a few minutes of mass-excitement and delight, we had people correctly pointing out that the website that the account has linked to it is a Chilean department store. 

It’s almost as if a brand was looking for some social media profile by pushing something out that would see many get some attention. 

Some of the retorts were great though. We had everything from “don’t believe it until it’s on John Lewis.com”, through to “25% lifetime discount for Alexis on its way” and everything in between. Don’t let it be said that even with a situation that has us all frustrated, there can’t be humour found, which is better than rage I’m sure you’ll all agree.

This morning there was this ‘Football Mole’ chap whose talking up Mahrez like there’s no tomorrow. I do find it interesting that there are some people who want to pander to these attention seekers though. Don’t they know they thrive on attention? These are people who read a bit of news, invent their own angle but sound authoritative enough in their rhetoric, then other people take time to thank and congratulate them on doing it?

This admiration for our fiction is bizarre. Why give credence to people who’s only requirement is to be watched? It’s just a bit odd. But I guess the important thing is not to get uptight about it, merely to chuckle at their sadness and get on with life, which is exactly what I shall be doing today. As every day.

Right, that’s probably about it from me, because it’s all a little quiet in the world before the noise rains down on us, in the form of that most glorious of announcements:

Jens is joining the Arsenal coaching staff!!!