It’s funny how rumour and speculation can send some football fans mad with anger. Every summer there is a transfer rumour either in or out that clearly isn’t on the cards, yet people go bonkers over it for a period of time, then a week later have forgotten all about it.

That’s kind of how I feel about the ‘Alexis to PSG’ stuff if I’m honest. I feel like last night and this morning scrolling through my Twitter feed has seen too many people get angry at this latest rumour, when we all know that a couple of days of radio silence will mean everything will return back to normal, which is what I think will happen with this latest rumour.

But the weird thing is, I’d be quite happy at this stage if PSG take Alexis, especially for £70million. That’s because I’m already bored of how this has gone on all summer and when it’s clear to me that we aren’t going to get a contract renewal for the Chilean, we need to cash in, then reinvest.

I understand that we’re losing our star player and of course we will miss his impact on the team, but we’ve got to remember that this kind of shizzle has happened to us before, yet we’ve always coped. Remember when RvP left us? We all worried about where his goals would come from. Yet through a collection of Santi, Poldi and Giroud I believe they collectively scored more goals than the Dutchman in the following season.

We’ll adapt, we always do, and we’d do the same if this latest rumour turns out to be true.

But more than that, if it is true and if PSG act now, it’s better for us than something going to the end of the window. If PSG pay us £70million, we not only can go out and buy a player like Lemar, but we can probably also look at another midfielder to challenge Ramsey and Xhaka. Someone who has the engine and pass distribution to replace the loss of the injured Santi. Do that and I think we’d have a stronger team than we finished last season with, which had Alexis as the main event every week.

£70million for a guy who has one year on his contract is great money. I think even Arsène would be forgiven by most fans for doing that deal. And it would be abroad too. We wouldn’t see Alexis for at least a year and a half of we get in to the Champions League and, more importantly, we wouldn’t be strengthening a rival. 

I want this deal to happen because it’s the best option of a bad bunch. A new contract would have been top choice, but somewhere in the middle is selling him abroad, which is far more palatable than off to Chelski or City.

Speaking of Chelski, the rumours are now hotting up that they want the Ox, which I don’t quite understand if I’m honest. From his position, I mean, because I couldn’t see him dislodging any of the current first teamers in central midfield. Could you? I could see him dislodging Moses, but he doesn’t want to play wing back, so why would you just swap clubs to be in the same position?

It doesn’t make sense. Liverpool made sense. They’ve cleared out Lucas, are supposedly interested at playing him in central midfield, plus I think he’d be a regular there. But Chelski is an odd rumour. If he was seriously entertaining the idea, then you’d have to assume that it’s money related, rather than position related as to why he wants to leave The Arsenal. Yes Chelski are more successful than us in recent years, but he ain’t getting more game time there, which is supposedly the motives for him and his agent playing hardball. Be interesting to see how that one plays out.

Right, I’m done for today, so I’ll be off now. There’s a game today against you know who, so I’m sure we’ll have some interesting topics of conversation come tomorrow morning.