Tuesday comes and it’s a Tuesday that isn’t seeing too much happening on the ‘ins’ our ‘outs’ front, it seems, and it’s fair to say we’re getting close to crunch time for Arsenal. 

Lucas Perez is being rumoured with a move to Newcastle and whilst I think that would be a good thing for both club and player, there’s always the worry that a player sold domestically is one that can hurt you when you play the team he goes to, so I’m still holding out some hope that Depor find a couple of mil in one of the changing room lockers that they could use to fund Lucas’ return. 

I think wherever he goes he’ll bag goals, but given the preference I’d rather he did that banging in Spain, so let’s just wait and see how that one plays out. I like him and want him to be a success but it’s clear to everyone who has a pair of eyes that despite Arsène’s protestations of him being injured and that’s why he wasn’t involved, something. Tells me that were he to have a medical right now, he’d pass with flying colours, so I suspect this is just Arsène’s faux way of trying to ensure we don’t come across as desperate to sell.

The other major news that is being shoehorned into an Arsenal story is that Stan Kroenke is setting up his own hunting channel. Which has given some people in the media an opportunity to make comments about his Arsenal connection, like Kevin Pieterson, who questioned why people would want to support Arsenal when this man is in charge.

I’d say that his comments were some of the dimmest I’ve ever heard, but he’s mates with Piers Morgan, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. He’d only have to spend five minutes with an Arsenal fan to realise that in fact we all hate Stan Kroenke more than most people in the world already, so all this new hunting channel has done, is allow non-Arsenal fans to catch up. We’re stuck with that abject excuse for a human being as our owner and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s extremely vexing but there’s no way I’d stop supporting Arsenal because of anything a ranch-buying, yee-hawing, leech-like prick like Kroenke does. 

I’d like to fire Kroenke out of a cannon. Into the sun. 

And it’s the very fact that I’ve been forced in to two paras on that waste of space of an owner that shows that there’s little else going on at the moment. Some people have been giving some indications that there might be movements this week, but we’ve heard all this before and as is the way with Arsenal, it’s unsurprisingly quiet.

Let’s hope for some rumblings of noise today/tomorrow so we can at least fool ourselves in to thinking that we’ve got enough to challenge for the league this season.

Catch you all tomorrow you sexy bitches.