Howdy Gooners, hope you’re holding up ok?

Actually, it being an international break n’all, I kinda feel ok about it, because after last weekend and the subsequent failings in the transfer market, a bit of time away from the Arsenal is no bad thing. Of course when you write a daily Arsenal blog you kind of find yourself thrown in to thinking about Arsenal every day with little escape, so here I am sat at my kitchen table contemplating some more words to say about Arsenal.

First and foremost let’s get the international stuff over and done with, after plenty of us saw Kos go down under a hefty challenge.

Apparently he’s ok though as he finished the match but let’s be honest the way this season has started, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he played through the pain and will now face a few weeks on there side. I just wonder whether Wenger has any more spare left backs he can play in our central defence now that Kieran Gibbs has been shipped out to West Brom.

England played, I half watched the game as I was cooking, then didn’t bother with the second half and as for the rest of the matches I really couldn’t give a rats arse about them right now. A bit of time away from actually watching football is a-ok from me, given that I find myself habitually having to write about Arsenal every day, so I don’t think i’ll bother with any more matches this weekend.

What I will bother myself with is laughing at the prospect that Man City want to file a complaint against Arsenal for not releasing Alexis to them. I mean that is right up there with the best pearlers ever, isn’t it? It’s like when you start to bitch and moan as a kid because the other kid who owns the football has been called in for dinner. If his mum doesn’t want him losing the ball, don’t blame him because you can’t find another ball. City complaining about all of that given the FFP rules they seem to perpetually flaunt with their mega money deals really does take the cake and if I didn’t find this all too hilarious I might actually be quite mad at their audacity.

It’s done, you bid too late lads, just get him on a free next summer, as you’re more than likely to do. What’s the problem? Anyway, despite what Arsene says about Alexis, we all know he’s about to have a stinker of a season. He’ll have one eye away from Arsenal, he’ll also want to be fit for the World Cup, so he certainly won’t be giving 100%. I don’t care what sort of personality he has he won’t have his mind fully on Arsenal and we’ll just have to watch as a series of ‘little niggles’ are likely to blight this season and then we lose out on a fee come next season. By then Lemar will have established himself as one of the hottest properties in Europe and we’ll be so far down the pecking order that coming to Arsenal won’t even be a consideration.

Still, at least it won’t “kill” Theo or Iwobi’s Arsenal career, eh?

Mind you, Wenger’s already confirmed that Lemar didn’t want to join Arsenal, so it’s not like we’re even a consideration anyway. So that means quite something I must say, because if earlier in the summer the player was making overtures, but suddenly had a change of heart you have to conclude that he must have looked at the shambles that is Arsenal and the fact that there are so many other better options for him.

It’s a pretty damming indictment on Wenger’s ability to attract players and after all these year’s of people hanging on to the draw that Arsene Wenger is key, it’s clear that he in fact is not and that probably Champions League football means more than anything else. Right now we look so far from a Champions League team that it’s a little scary, so whilst we still have a rudderless management team I’m afraid I can only see darkness. The team needs to pull itself together an get some sort of semblance of pride about themselves and that starts next weekend against Bournemouth, but right now it still feels bleak.

Well I say ‘bleak’, but personally it isn’t affecting my life as much as it used to, because I’m starting to feel a little more chilled than I used to. For example today football won’t even enter my mind. I’ll go for a run, maybe head out with the wife, go for a nice meal later, chill out tomorrow and watch some movies, then off to work on Monday where my boss isn’t really a football fan, so we don’t really ever talk about Arsenal. It’s only ever this little pocket of the internet where I jot down some thoughts that I really get that worked up by Arsenal. And even this feels more like a chore at times. But as I said it’s a bit habitual. If you do something every day it just becomes second nature, maybe a little cathartic, but it’s just like brushing your teeth.

So I’ll keep on writing every day as I do, but I’m going to try not to get as wound up by Arsenal as usual, which probably won’t work on match days or post match days but there you go.

Must dash, because I’m starting to ramble, and nobody needs that.

Cheerio peeps.