Hey folks. Having a happy Monday? 

Never really got in to that band. Was a bit too young for me I think. Still the irony has never been lost on me and with the weather in Blighty reflecting the mood of most Gooners at the moment, what more can one want than a bit of metaphor for one’s footballing life, eh?

Arsène’s been in France telling the French press about Thomas Lemar and the bid, saying also that we will go in again for him, which you’d have to assume is next summer. I don’t know what the odds are on Arsène getting his man, but if you wanted to have a flutter, here’s a bet365 sign up offer that could be tempting for you. Whether or not his value is seen as higher than €100million next summer will be interesting though, especially as Arsène has shown his hand and confirmed we’d make a bid again. 

By that time who knows how many clubs are after him and if he has his pick across Europe, only a pretty stellar season from Arsenal in 2017/18 is going to ensure he’s got us at the forefront of his mind. As for the fee, I’d be surprised if Monaco’s approach wasn’t “well, you offered £92million last year, so match that as a starting price will ya?”. 

And so we become victims of the same over-inflation that we as fans (rightly) scorn the likes of City and United for. They paid over the odds for Pogba and Walker. They have the megabucks. And just because we’re another top English team with a reputation, we are falling foul of this misguided perception that money is no object. Don’t they see that we have the ‘Stan Tax’ to worry about? Have they never met Arsenal officials before!?!?! LOLZ.

Of course the whole “we’re going big for you next summer lad, just sit tight, and wait for that phone call from Arsène” could just be one of those “we tried” types next summer, so Arsène does have that card in his pocket when we see Lemar rock up in a Chelski, United or Liverpool shirt come June 2018. 

Ahh man, we went back in for Lemar at £30million, but for some reason – reason which we still have no idea why or how – they said they wouldn’t even pick up the phone unless we tripled our offer! I mean, how ludicrous is that? So for that reason, we’re out

Of course if you want to feel more hopeful about the Lemar deal you could take comfort from the fact that supposedly Monaco told the player to reject the cash offered by Arsenal. Whether that is an attempt by Monaco to take any future heat from the player I don’t know.

There’s really not a lot else going on this morning from an Arsenal perspective. Probably for the best given the recent malaise that set in since the Liverpool game and subsequent transfer window. We’ve got this week until the Bournemouth game, which will be a 3pm kick off, obviously because I’m not going and the footballing fates are conspiring against me. But maybe it can feel like an opportunity to get this season jump started. 

More as we go through the week. Until tomorrow dear friends.