Last night I had a dream about the Tiny Totts. I know, more like a nightmare, but it was to do with a new tactic that Pochettino has adopted. A cunning and devious tactic that yet again flouted the rules of football.

You see, not content with clearly instructed his teams to cheat by diving and being an overtly cynical and sly team, Poch found a loophole in the FA rules and regulations that didn’t state his team couldn’t use distraction tactics to confuse opposition players.

His distraction? Fluorescent coloured wigs. The kind you get at circus’. Harry Kane and Son had a pink and yellow one each and when there was a free kick against us they pulled them out of their shorts and put them on. The players were confused and before they could work out what was going on Son had taken a free kick and put them one up against us.

I am learning that there is literally nothing that Tottenham wouldn’t do to cheat their way to victory. Let’s hope they get their comeuppance in real life having cheated me out of a perfectly enjoyable nights sleep up until that point.

Anyway, the ‘Lull’ continues and with England playing tomorrow night it means I have a horrible journey ahead of me home as thousands of England fans descend upon Wembley with their boring chants and pointless conversations about who will play. Who frigging cares. This is the most underwhelming England squad I’ve ever seen. I’d rather do housework tomorrow evening than watch Livermore and Jordan Henderson swanning around in the midfield. I mean Joe Hart is even in the squad!

Pfffh. Give me an episode of The Defenders on Netflix any day.

I guess we could talk about Reiss Nelson scoring for England under-19s but with him impressing people as every week goes by, why do I get the feeling that he’ll be out the door soon, having not had a contract tied down by the club? I feel like we should be hiding him in a dark room so nobody knows about him because as each week passes and as each game he plays well in raises his profile, the United’s, City’s and Chelski’s will all be sniffing around and if they chuck enough cash at him who knows. Young kids are impressionable and he could just as easily be being led down a path to take the cash.

Equally though if he’s as good as he has looked for us so far, he’s going to get to the top of the game whatever route he takes, so if he truly backs himself then I can understand why he would look at what’s going on at somewhere like City and fancy getting himself into a squad managed by Pep. The down side might be that he’s not fast-tracked to the first team as quickly as at The Arsenal.

It’s clearly a delicate balance and at such a young age a player’s trajectory is still far from certain. Look at what Jack was doing at 16, or look at what Theo was doing at Southampton, before we snaffled him up. The path to footballing stardom is not linear and there are countless examples of that for both Arsenal and at every top team. So I guess I can understand both sides of this argument but what I hope for as a fan is that an agreement can be made and we can see just how far Nelson can go at Arsenal.

He does need to play though. I feel like he should be getting some games domestically. He’s good enough to at least make some sub appearances so why don’t we just chuck him in? Sink or swim folks, sink or swim. It could be the absolute making of him and much like the season Iwobi broke through, if Nelson were to be able to prove himself this season, we have a player who is embedded within the first team for next season.

And if Wilshere is out the door, or Ramsey is moved on if he won’t sign on the dotted line, that quota for home grown players becomes all the more relevant.

It seems there are so many balls in the air at Arsenal at the moment. Young players, contracts winding down, the senior people running the club, not to mention the biggest question mark of all in the manager, that it feels like a very pivotal summer is fast approaching.

The only depressing thing about that though is that I think we’ve said that for four of the last five years.