Well it seems Rambo is getting the positive vibes following the appointment of our new man Emery. He’s been talking after a pointless game for Wales in the US against Mexico and said he ‘can’t wait’ to get back to Arsenal to see how this exciting new era starts.

We all feel the same Aaron. And I’ll be most of the squad felt like that too towards the end of Arsène’s reign, which is a bit of a shame that it had to peter out like it did, but we are where we are and if the players are openly stating how exciting it is then we know that there was desire for change inside the camp too.

I just hope that when he gets back to London Huss Fahmy is there with a big smile and a load of A4 paper staples together that make up his new contract, and he gets the Welshman signed up, because if he does you can believe Ramsey has a big part to play in Emery’s Arsenal next season.

If he’s not minded to, then the club have to act and act quickly, because none of us want the same situation as last season. None of us want to have to go through the same farce as the Alexis saga last summer. You’re either in or you’re out. You can’t have one foot in and one out Rambo. Firstly because that would be quite a stretch and you’ve already shown us your hammy’s can’t handle too much of that kind of hyperextension, but secondly because we need to move on with a new season and a team who are all thinking about pushing forward as a collective over the long term.

Sign the deal please.

So whilst Huss is busy, what will Sven and Raul be doing, now that Sven is running out of Dortmund players he has had an influence on?

Well apparently not all have been exhausted, because he’s supposedly interested in a bit of Barca’s Dembélé. Personally I can’t really see it. It feels like one of those ‘nice to have’ signings after you’ve done the business you need to do in the positions where you need strengthening; a sort of ‘cherry on top’ type of signing, if you will.

Let’s face it though, for at least the last five year’s it’s felt that Arsenal have never really done enough in the transfer market to address where the weaknesses lie, so from my perspective I’d just be happy if we strengthen where we need it and don’t end up with any cherries on top.

We need another ‘keeper. We need a back up right back to Hector. We need an upgraded central defender. And we need a ball-winning midfielder who has energy and drive about him. After that it’s all a bonus.

But how many years have we all collectively said to each other ‘we need x’ only for the club to ignore that position completely? Whether it’s a new ‘keeper, world class striker, ball-winning midfielder, we’ve always needed to get a certain player and sometimes it’s felt like we just haven’t.

So this summer that’s what I’m hoping for: getting the right type of business done first. Hopefully early too. Last night I was on the Football Fans Show with Dave and we talked about how important getting business done before the World Cup starts. It is vital, especially for Arsenal, because once that tournament finishes there will be a host of players whose value will suddenly shoot up just because they were seen by the world at the World Cup. So my hope is that in the next two weeks we get most of our business done because our supposed ‘war chest’ won’t be stretching too far if we’re keeping the likes of Ramsey in the team with new deals safely tucked under their arms.

The initial signs and sounds are positive but as with all things that involve the Arsenal it’s the actions that we need to see happening.

Cross fingers we get some movement soon.

Catch you all tomorrow.