Two days after the defensive shambles that was Stamford Bridge and still the result is stinging a bit, but after a day of boozing for the parents Ruby wedding anniversary, plus reading the views of the players and other Arsenal fans, in pleased that we all seem a little more chilled about a second defeat in two.

Everyone is still scrutinising the performance to within an inch of its life and people are looking at players like Torreira- who didn’t track Alonso – and wonder whether we’re going to see improvement, but like me it feels like everyone is at least accepting that we’re still a work in progress.

The big challenge we’re going to have though is if things don’t go right next weekend against West Ham. They’ve bought lots of players in the summer (as usual) and they’re all trying to bed in with a new manager too. But if they get a win or a draw at The Emirates, I think the tolerance and accepting nature will start to turn for some.

It’s just an unfortunate circumstance of where we were left as a fanbase post Wenger. The divisions were strong, the cuts ran deep, and for us to get back to how it was ten or 15 years ago – hating clubs like United and Liverpool rather than Arsenal fan vs Arsenal fan – we’re going to need more time.

And wins. Emery will know that and after two difficult games to start his reign he now has a real opportunity. Arsenal play West Ham at home, Cardiff away, Everton at home, Newcastle away, Watford at home between now and the end of September. Those are opportunities to build some momentum but you have to start and start now.

I’m hopeful. We saw the ability of this Arsenal team to take apart Chelski and if Emery can take positives from a defeat then so can I. We look like we’re creating chances and there’s no way that a player like Auba misses a hatful of chances like he did on Saturday, all through the season, so I just hope that Emery has a plan for West Ham and we can get the result.

As for us at the back, well, that’s the scariest thing of all. Sokratis can talk about being disappointed and Mustafi can talk about what Emery is trying to do in the ‘details’, but when you’ve got a centre half pairing that look like a car crash then you do wonder just how easy it is going to be to see real change at the back until we’ve had a chance to make personnel amendments in defence.

We’re not going to just be able to outscore people every week are we?

Maybe that’s the plan. Maybe that’s what Emery thinks will be Arsenal for now until he gets his types of players in because if we’re all honest, it doesn’t feel like he’s gone to Sven when he signed and said “I need this type of player, that type of player, and that type of player please”. It feels very much like he’s been told that these were the wheels that were already in motion and so he has to deal with it.

That’s not how the team needs to be structured. The coach decides a style of play, he has a close working relationship with the recruitment team, then they provide him with the players that fit the playing style, be that their pace, physicality, aerial ability, etc.

That clearly hasn’t happened this summer but I don’t blame anybody for that. After all given how late some clubs left it to try and improve their squad we made a decision on who we wanted and we did those deals quickly and efficiently. Now we have our squad, they are adapting to a style, and Emery will get through this season with those players as best as he can.

If we beat West Ham on Saturday it will feel like we’re up and running. Like everything in football things move quickly and I could be sat at home this time next week writing about how the season feels like it’s had the reboot we wanted. Or I could be maligning a start to the season which the stats people will tell us is the worst start to a season Arsenal have had since 1887.

Right, that’s me done for now so I’ll say my goodbyes and wish you a wonderful Monday.

Have at it folks.