So it seems there is so little to talk about when it comes to The Arsenal this morning, that all I really have to peruse over for my morning bowl of Frosties is a story emerging that Thierry Henry is about to take the reigns at Monaco, after Jardim was sacked, with Monaco currently 18th in Ligue Un.

It’s an interesting one because whilst I love Thierry, would love him to be successful and perhaps take over at Arsenal in the future if he is, this feels like quite a bit of a fast tracked move for a man who has zero managerial experience and only a couple of years at international experience as a number two.

Ex-players being fast tracked for top managerial positions rarely work well. The exceptions you might say are Guardiola at Barca but he had a period of time learning the ropes at Barcelona B and that really helped him to hone his skills before starting with a very good Barca team with Messi as the jewel in the crown.

Henry won’t have that at Monaco. Perhaps he’s taking the role on because realistically the only way for a team with Monaco’s calibre is up, so this first season he just needs to steady the ship, but his long term ability as a manager will probably only be seen by the time the end of next season comes around.

But hey, if he does demonstrate his ability, if he can lead Monaco in the right direction, if he turns them around and maintains their form, then it could also be amazing for us. We all know he loves The Arsenal. He’s said repeatedly he’d love to be Arsenal manager one day. So if he turns out to be a great manager at Monaco over the next few years, who knows what might happen? Emery has had a good start, I hope he’s at the club for many years because that means we’ve been successful, but you only have to look at the lifespan of a manager to see that most seem to only last between three to five years max.

So if Thierry does well and we are looking at a change in manager in four years time, for example, then it could be perfect for us.

But anyway, let’s focus on what’s in front of us and despite the fact at the beginning of this blog I said there was the square root of bugger all going on Arsenal-related, I’ve just seen that some of our youth team players were on international duty and by the looks of it the Arsenal contingent have been banging in goals and racking up assists. Nelson, Willock, Smith-Rowe and Nketiah all had a big hand in their respective England teams’ performances. It augurs well for us in general as a club and despite the fact I’ve taken little from what Ivan Gazidis has said in the last couple of years, when Emery arrived he did talk about the great youth team players we have coming through and when you read about the performances of these young players at their respective international age groups, it does make you excited about who is next to break in to the first team on a more regular basis.

We’ve already seen Smith-Rowe make an impact, Nelson feels like he’s a player for next season, Nketiah will start to get his chance I reckon, so it could be quite a couple of years we’re about to see from an Arsenal academy perspective.

Of course there’s a big jump from academy to first team and that’s where so many players fall by the wayside, but it feels exciting to me, so that’s why we should all be a little more buoyant about young players coming through at the moment I reckon.

Right, that’s me done for another day, so now it’s time for a run, bit of family time today and maybe even a bit of that most rarest of things in Blighty: October sun on a Saturday.

Catch you on the flip side.