My poor ol’ lookalike. The one, the only, the Lord, Nick Bentdner, has been sentenced to ‘jail’ for a assaulting a taxi driver; a crime he thinks he did not commit.

If only there was some kind of crack team of vigilantes (they themselves who had been victims of a crime of which they did not commit) who could come and rescue him from his…erm…house…then true justice could be dispensed.

But there aren’t so the ‘Lord’ must choose when to take his medicine. I’m sure a month of being at home playing computer games and being with his family will really give him time to think about his punishment…

The real punishment is being dished out to all of us football fans, as we wait patiently for this international break to get the hell out of here and get the proper football back up and running. We did a bit of talking about the game ahead on last night’s A Little Bit Arsenal show on LoveSport last night (there’ll be a podcast out at some stage today I believe) and I have to say I don’t really know what to feel going in to this game. Bournemouth are a good side, they’ve had a good start to the season, they look like they will come and attack us and they have forwards who have been knocking in a few goals.

But it’s The Arsenal that make me more confused as to what to feel. We’ve not been fantastic in our undefeated streak but Emery has been getting the job done. He’s been getting us points and despite the fact we’ve looked disjointed and played poorly in our last outing specifically, we seem to be in a decent shape. So half of me is happy for our form whilst the other half is worried about the chances we give up and the fact we weren’t too prolific going forward against Wolves. I just hope teams haven’t ‘figured us out’ already.

But that’s for more debate as we get further in to this season. For now we need to just focus on who is fit and who is ready to go back from international duty. Hopefully there’s a medical update today and hopefully Unai tells us tomorrow that he’s watched so many videos of Bournemouth that he can now tell us not only the colour of the boots of every Bournemouth player, but also what way they wear their hair and how it impacts their running style.

So what else is going on in the wonderful world of football? Well, old Vinny has been talking about the fact the club has prepared for Europa League football and how it shouldn’t affect us in any way but despite his supposed words of comfort designed for us all, I can’t help but feel an undertone of an uneasy shuffling at Arsenal. Venkatesham admits himself that not being in the Champions League costs tens of millions and when you’re talking about that kind of money it’s hard not to be fearful about our ability to pull of Aubameyang-esque transfers if we have a couple of more seasons out of the Champions League. Arsenal can shout until they are blue in the face about how it doesn’t make an impact, but I fail to see how it won’t mean more tightening of the purse strings without a sugar daddy to invest or an owner planning on the ‘speculate to accumulate’ approach like Liverpool have done.

Ultimately as much as we will judge Emery on trophies and seeing the club move in the right direction, I think it will be his ability for us to break in to an increasingly tougher Champions League spot that he will be judged by the club, which means his priorities might just upset a few of us as we get in to January and the race towards the money spots in May.

We need to get back on the winning horse though. We’ve had a few too many draws of late – three in our last three in the league – and so now is the time to pick up what would be a very tough three points to get at Bournemouth.

It’s already getting serious in November and now is where Unai begins to earn his crust.

Catch you all tomorrow.