Work got in the way of me blogging yesterday, which is always a bit of a pain in the arse, but with another 24 hours at least until we play City and with Arsenal just signing the one player this January, it’s not as if there was tonnes to talk about anyway, was there?

Suarez is somebody we’ve known about for weeks, talked about for weeks and now that he’s in and training, we just have to hope that he can make an impact on a squad that was considerably lacking in creativity in recent weeks. That hasn’t helped with the ostracising of Ozil and i’ve kind of made my thoughts clear on that one already. But what we hope Suarez will do is give a lift to the team. Think about how Arshavin cam win and boosted our top four aspirations when he arrived. Alright, he wasn’t ultimately a success, but for that first half a season it gave the team the kick it needed and we managed to bag top four spot.

Which will be a challenge. We’re clasping on to it as we speak by the most meagre of margins and I suspect by the time the weekend is done we’ll probably have dropped back down – probably to sixth – given that United have Leicester and Chelski have Huddersfield at home today, whereas we’re away to Man City tomorrow. So I’m expecting this to not be too fun a weekend if I’m honest.

But that’s ok because few of us probably expect we’ll get anything away at City and especially with so many defensive injuries it just makes the job even harder. But there will be games where United and Chelski have to face Liverpool and City in coming weeks and so the hope is that both teams do us a favour by battering them for us to keep the top four dream alive.

And we have to hope Suarez helps in that regard too. It’s a signing that I don’t think Arsenal fans are shouting ‘hurrah’ from the rooftops, but I don’t see too many being un happy by it either. He’s a relatively low risk player. If he comes in and does well then great, let’s have him permanently and hope that he can reignite his stalling career that he had at Barca. If he stutters and doesn’t adapt then we give back at the end of the loan and look for something else in the summer. So in that regard I’m kind of ok with the move the club has made.

The transfer window as a whole though has been pretty poor. We should have looked hard for a right back option now that Bellerin is out for a prolonged period of time. Even if that too was just a loan with option to buy at the end of the season. We should also have looked at a loan for a centre half. We’ve got Sokratis, Holding both out and Koscielny who has consistent fitness concerns. Nacho is not a full time centre half and that leaves us with just Mustafi. It doesn’t make sense not to grab a centre half and say to the players “fight for the jersey” and with Unai regularly adopting a back three, chucking Granit Xhaka in there because we don’t have any bodies between now and the end of the season will be ridiculous if it happens. Mainly because it would have been so unavoidable and not only weakens us defensively, but also takes an important part of the cog in our midfield.

Still, we’ve got one in, he could be a player who kicks us on and heck if he plays in the same position as Iwobi so we see less of his dribbling in to opposition defenders then I’m all for it.

I’m also all for having no expectations about tomorrow. It’s weird because even though I’ve known we’ve declined considerably in recent seasons, I’ve always in the back of my mind thought that we could win games against the better teams. I even naively thought that over Christmas with Liverpool away. But tomorrow I have absolutely zero expectations and oddly, it’s quite nice, as it feels like a bit of a ‘free hit’. More on that tomorrow I think.

For now I’m just going to enjoy what Saturday throws my way and hopefully we get some good news from Leicester and Huddersfield can do something away to Chelski.

I won’t hold my breath though.

Catch you lovely people tomorrow.