The curse of Chris struck again yesterday it seems, as I listed out all of my reasons why Xhaka would not be leaving, which of course led to a supposed ‘cousin’ saying “he’s off to Inter for €55million”.

Given that sort of money I’m not surprised that there’s a link but I’m still putting it in to the ‘bullsh*t’ category. After all we have had years of people talking about players boarding planes, being spotted in cities not where their clubs are based, about players family members supposedly saying “it’s done” so until there’s something a little more concrete then I’m not looking at this latest speculation as anything other than ‘meh’.

€55million would be a decent price though and would take the supposed transfer kitty up towards the £100million mark that we need – minimum – this summer. Whether or not it happens though I’d be surprised. Like I said yesterday Arsenal have enough to worry about with shifting on players so to give themselves a ‘we need to replace Xhaka too’ headache seems unlikely.

Still, I guess stranger things have happened at sea, so we should just see what’s happening with that.

We will of course be looking at the Claude Maurice situation with intrigue, as Sky Sports are reportedly saying that West Ham have made a £10million bid for the Lorient youngster. He looks like a decent prospect but if clubs like West Ham are in for players we are linked with, it shows you just how our transfer spending is going down this summer; alongside mid table teams.

Of course this could all be a load of old b*llocks and we may not even be interested in him, but that won’t stop the meltdown on the socials from Arsenal fans happening, I don’t expect. I think I’m just getting too tired to care if I’m honest. What’s more intriguing is that Freddie Ljungberg appears to be stepping up to the first team and Bould dropping back down to the youth side for next season. That makes sense to me. People have had a lot to say about Bould and I think he’s certainly culpable for the situation because he’s clearly established himself as a bit of a ‘yes man’ under two separate managers, so perhaps shaking up the back room staff is a good idea. Heck, it can’t be much worse in terms of the players not really knowing what style of play we have, can it? CAN IT??

*emoji face with worried eyes and gritted teeth*

No, hopefully Freddie can come in, give a little more enthusiasm and give a different perspective to Unai because based on the collapse at the end of the season we so desperately need it.

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot to be too excited right now so the idea that we might be shuffling the coaching deck a little is a-ok with me. Freddie has just inspired a great young Arsenal side to the title and if we really don’t have the spondoolies to drop big cash on about eight players for this team, then we’re surely looking at the youth players to be given a shot. Perhaps this is one of the motives behind his promotion? It could be that this move ensures a bit of continuity and transition for those young players. Perhaps we’re looking at a move that strengthens the commitment to giving these young players a shot?

There certainly seems to be appetite from some of the Gooners I speak to. Unai tried with some of the established players and it feels to me like there are a few of us fans who wouldn’t be too worried to see less of Mustafi, Elneny, Özil, Mkhi and Iwobi. Perhaps that’s where we’re going and so Freddie can be that bridge between the youth team and the first team?

All speculation from me this Thursday morning but let’s face it, at this time of year, that’s all we’ve got to play with.

Catch you guys tomorrow.