Another day and I’m sure there’ll be another round of spurious transfer rumours on the cards. We’ve had Carrasco, the two Sampdoria lads, some guy who used to play for Villa called Veretout, Saliba and Claude Maurice from Lorient. Those stories have had the transfer juiciness squeezed out of them to that little remains from them other than a dry and hollow husk, which means we must be due a new rumour to drop at some stage today, so that Arsenal fans everywhere can gorge themselves on the speculation that surrounds any such story of incomings.

The reality, as we all know, is that probably only 10% of what we read will have any substance, so in the main I think fans are likely to be disappointed.

Here’s what’s interesting to me though: from the people I follow on the socials there are few who seem to be losing their sh*t just yet. Which is nice.

I suspect it’s because there aren’t many clubs that have made moves in England just yet. Chelski have lost Hazard but at this stage can’t make any moves to reinvest the £88million they made. I suspect they’ll get their chance at some stage. English clubs are so rich they can afford the fanciest of lawyers to circumnavigate laws about signing players so any talk of two year transfer bans will probably fall flat I suspect.

United have bought a young kid from Swansea but that’s not really them flexing their muscles too much I don’t think. Their summer will be big because they’re a juggernaut financially and so it’s only a matter of time before they drop big money on somebody like Wam-Bissaka for £60million or something similar.

Liverpool and City could stand still and they’d still be better than us next season.

The Tiny Totts will strengthen but they’re a bit like us and prefer to infuriate fans by leaving it later, so I don’t suspect we’ll see anything from them until July at least, which is probably why there’s a section of Arsenal fans who normally lose their sh*t over transfers who are relatively docile at the moment.

That will change come July though. When players return from holidays and start up pre season it’ll all be different and we’ll be seeing teams like Everton, West Ham and Wolves sign players that will make some people go schizo for a few days. Then it’ll all quieten down until the next big move. Then the furore starts up all over again until the football starts.

We’ve done this for a few season now and so it all feels very familiar. And a bit boring if I’m honest. What I’d love to see is a two week transfer window every summer and that’s it. Let’s have every team be organised and forced in to making decisions in such a concentrated period of time that it all has to be done and dusted by the first week of July. That’d be ace. It would mean we could all just ignore all the sh*tty rumours and know that nobody could sign anybody until something like 15th June and then by 1st July it’s all done and dusted and we could all focus on the football.

But it seems to me that there is a breed of fan who actually lives for this time of the year more than the actual football played. That they prefer to live in the fantasy of ‘what might be’ rather than the beautiful game itself. That is baffling to me but I understand it a little. After all I get caught up in the speculation because I want to see signs that Arsenal are going in the right direction. I want to see that we have something exciting to look forward to and I want to have the hope that springs from imagining the success of a new player joining the club.

But I never lose sight of the fact that it’s the football that takes front and centre. It always should and always will. And that doesn’t start until August so we’ve got a long way to go.