Morning folks. Last night there was a a statement released by the ‘We Care Do You’ collective of fans and groups and it highlighted some of the frustrations that I’m sure many of you feel. As part of that group of fans I feel it to and so before I talk about anything else today I’d like to point you in the direction of the statement released last night.

You can find it here.

I think it feels pretty unanimous amongst the fan base that we need to part ways with Unai Emery, but the purpose of fans and groups trying to unite together is to help lend a voice to the ‘noise’ that the club thinks we are. It’s an attempt to bring together as a collective that we’re all pretty united and for me, what’s most important, is to recognise that this is not just about Unai Emery but leadership at the club.

Sacking Unai Emery has to be one of the actions taken by the leadership, but it is just one bullet point on a list that is getting longer day by day. Board representation of true ‘Arsenal people’ is needed, leadership in terms of communication off the field is needed, too. The whole ‘fans are noise’ nonsense was a massive PR gaff and just stoked fans up even more in anger.

All of this has to be sorted. We need proper communication, we need proper direction, because based on what we’ve seen so far does anybody have 100% conviction that they will get the right man even if Emery walks?

Well, it should probably be ‘when’ Emery walks because let’s face it, it’s just a matter of time now, because even his press conferences look like that of a defeated man. I watched him in front of the cameras yesterday giving his “I have to work, I have to analyse” bit and you could see it in his eyes: he didn’t look like he believed it any more. We’ve just seen the Tiny Totts act and make a change and it’s resulted in a win. Right now I can’t see where the next victory is coming from as long as Emery is in charge.

He is a forlorn man and his time is up. He knows it, we know it and unless the board know it at The Arsenal, we really do have to worry about what is happening in terms of the leadership of the football club. They can’t have sat through the last seven Premier League games – none of which were against traditional top four ‘rivals’ – and thought that what was unfolding was acceptable. We drew against the second worst team in the league on Saturday. At home. And they battered us. Sometimes there are games in which you batter a team and they skank you. That wasn’t what happened on Saturday and that’s why change needs to come soon.

I wanted to keep this a short one today because I want everyone to have a read of the WeCareDoYou post as well. Retweet it, share it, like it, comment, etc, etc. We need to start amplifying our collective fan sound online, as well as what will eventually happen offline and on the pitch, which will be ever-dwindling home fan numbers as we continue to drift rudderless without any real direction from those at the top of the current coach in the dugout.

Catch you guys tomorrow.