Morning folks. It’s tough to know where to even start today. I’ve been banging the ‘Emery Out’ drum for some time now – since Sheffield United away – but it’s all feeling a little hollow.

On Monday I said on the GunnersTown radio show that 12 points out of four games was a minimum. Southampton have been on their knees, they are second from bottom in the league, they have one of the worst defences in the Premier League, their confidence was shot.

But step forward Unai Emery’s Arsenal. Got a team who can’t buy a win? We’ll help you out. Got players who look forlorn. We’ll put a metaphorical arm around them and give them hope. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Southampton turned up at The Emirates and basically had a go. They pressed high, they had an intensity, they had shot after shot – 21 to our 12 to be precise – and they came away with a point. And it’s a point they should probably be unhappy with because they had plenty of chances to put the game to bed – even when they were 2-1 up.

Arsenal were pathetic. The set up was pathetic from the start. Three at the back with wing backs at home. Against relegation-threatened Southampton.


Because Unai Emery is out of his depth, grasping at anything, afraid of every team and looking like he has no answer for any team we come up against. That’s one win in seven in the Premier League now. It’s the very definition of mid table mediocrity and as long as he remains in charge that’s the direction we’re going.

Emery’s press conference post game yesterday was pretty telling too. He’s not even trying to come up with stupid “we’re executing our game-plan” nonsense any more. All he gave us was “we have to do better” sound bites. It’s the words of a man who knows his time is up.

Everyone knows his time is up. Except the Arsenal board. The collective of Arsenal people who were so revered for their successful summer are now smashing their goodwill from the fans into a million pieces by their failure to act.

This was a game in which we hoped to get the swagger back. This was the sort of match that, dare I say it, was Arsène Wenger’s bread and butter. Earlier in the week I was talking about how a win would just paper over the cracks unless we showed some kind of performance. Well not only did we not get the win and three points, we also got another dire performance, with the opposition manager even commenting about how low our players are on confidence.

We have teams in the relegation zone coming to our home ground and exploiting our lack of belief.

It’s crazy.

And by not acting to put the manager out of his misery this administration are asleep at the wheel. We’ve just had a week where a loved and revered manager who had the goodwill of the fans lost his job at Tottenham after a shocking start to the season. Yet they are just a point behind us. One point. Yet our board do nothing and I read something this morning which said the current bird aren’t going to do anything until after the West Ham game in a few weeks.

Well I tell you this now for free: by then our hopes of top four will be dead in the water. The season will be a write off by then and all that will be left is a half empty Arsenal stadium with halftime and full time boos.

But as long as the money keeps coming in then Stan and Josh will be happy. Because paying off a complete failure of a manager is not something they want to countenance. Why change it when you can just get rid of him for nothing in the summer? That’ll be their thinking and if we don’t get Champions League football or don’t look like we’re going to get it, then what difference does it make binning him off now? That’s what they’ll think. We’re three points off 15th for Christ’s sake. We’ve become one of those teams that just scrabbles around in the middle of the division.

Top four hopes are already over. Leicester are 11 points clear of us. Chelski are 9 and they’ve already played City away yesterday. Next weekend they’ll probably be further away.

This season is done. It makes no sense to carry on with this manager. You might as well have a practice with Freddie because this season is done already. After 13 fucking games. It’s a disgrace.

I’ve dropped nearly 800 words already and haven’t even talked about the details of the game. Why though? You’ve heard the story before, you all know the script by now, this was just a different opponent.

Sorry – there’s little to be happy about when it comes to Arsenal right now – so I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Peace out.