The only ‘non-depressing’ thing about yesterday’s 3-0 defeat at home to Man City yesterday was the act of defiance that came at the end of the game.

Not by the players of course and not by Mesut Özil who displayed more energy kicking a water bottle than for the rest of the game (although all of the players aside fro Martinelli and Leno should have that labelled at them), but by the Arsenal fans, who gave us a rendition of “we love you Arsenal, we do” as the games dying embers began to fade.

As a collective we’re all so weary and booing the side at this stage clearly does nothing. This team is broken, with an interim manager who we all love and have affection for, but can’t change the fortunes of some poor players, even talking about the challenge of not making a decision with the new manager after the game.

Even Freddie said that this is causing us issues, citing the fact that Big Per is doing two jobs by being academy manager as well as coach to the first team. We’re a total mess on the field and that is being mirrored off it too, as our feckless ownership and football management team do exactly the same as when they wouldn’t fire Emery: they are hesitating in making a move.

We are rudderless everywhere and this season will just bump along as long as that happens. We’ve changed the manager and the fortunes remain the same. We’ve changed players. Every single Arsenal fan should now be looking at those running the club because they are presiding over this shower of the proverbial stuff.

Forget Champions League football for a while. And the longer the football administration continues to sit on its hands we can forget the Europa League too. Mind you, you’d have to be some kind of crazy human to want to parachute yourself into this tripe of a football team to try to save their fortunes.

And it’s not like you would be joining a club with whom ambition is a key component of the owners DNA. Stan Kroenke is the epitome of a bad owner. Wherever he is and whichever sporting team he is in control of are distinctly average and during his tenure that’s what we’ve morphed into. He is a sporting pariah; a man who “doesn’t go in to sports ownership to win trophies” as he famously once said. Anybody who cannot see that needs their head examined.

I’m eight paragraphs in and I haven’t even talked about the game yet. Is there any point though? None of us believed we’d get anything from the game beforehand and, unlike other teams with less ability but more desire, it took just a few minutes of this game for the match to effectively be over. The car crash of a defence that we have saw to that and although the fact we have so many injuries right now – Kolasinac joining Tierney on the sidelines meaning we have no natural functioning left back as it stands – could be seen as a mitigating circumstance for some of yesterday, we’ve seen this team display how useless they are all season so this was no surprise that City were 3-0 up at halftime.

That’s the sort of score, and performance, you expect to see when reigning champions go to newly promoted sides, but perhaps at least there would have been a little more fight in this team had we been newly promoted. Because this collective of players have barely any and at this stage of somebody said we could lose most of them and we’d get the opportunity to completely shuffle our pack and gamble on randoms – a bit like in cards where you can lay your whole hand down and pick up a whole new set of cards – I’d take that in an instant.

Not just with the defence though, with the midfield too, because Guendouzi, Xhaka, Torreira are all so woefully out of form it’s embarrassing. These guys are international footballers for Christ’s sake. And we’re getting this from them? I’ve never seen such open space and midfield ill-discipline. It’s a disgrace. Man City didn’t even have to get out of second gear. We were utterly schooled at home. Like we knew we would be.

And we will be again. And again. Until this utterly useless football management team (not Freddie or the coaches, the guys above him) do something to fix this shambles.

The absolute irony, eh? These idiots who kept Emery on too long, who cowered are the thought of making a difficult decision, are now the ones we have to put our faith into in making the right decision for the next manager of our great club. I’m not holding out much hole that whoever they pick will be much success. Not as it stands. Our issues run so, so, so much deeper than a new coach.

Apparently there are noises that something might happen soon. We can only hope.

Catch you all tomorrow.