Morning folks. It’s wet, it’s dark, it doesn’t really feel like my last day in the office before Christmas and I’m hanging a little. Everything’s a little fuzzy and vague.

A bit like an Arsenal transfer pursuit – be it manager or player!

We seem to enjoy having the worst kept secrets, don’t we? I feel like any time we’re linked to a new addition at Arsenal the whole world knows about it before the club actually announce it. And so here we are again, only this time, it’s our manager that we’re dragging out. But by the sounds of it we’ll have confirmation today and then the hard work starts for Tricky Micky Arteta.

Not least trying to work out which players want to actually play for him, because the noises from multiple papers – which normally means there’s no smoke without fire – is that some of the senior players want out and are a little disillusioned with the Arteta appointment.

I have to chuckle when I read some of those noises from the papers though. This group of players are unhappy. This collective of overpaid, underperforming, rudderless bunch of wasters don’t want anything to do with the new guy in charge?

Hand me a broom. I’ll chip in for free helping to sweep some of those bad eggs out of the door.

I have no favourites in this current squad and that’s because most of them are so distinctly average. I would say this to those players who are disillusioned with the appointment:

As fans we are all disillusioned with you!

They are the ones that have got us in to this mess, with Emery and his bizarre management. And these players have had the opportunity to prove they are worthy and it was just a crazy Spaniard who was pointing them in the wrong direction by stepping up against Norwich, Brighton, West Ham, Liege and Man City. They stepped up in just one of those games.

We are a mess right now and I’m disillusioned with the players that are in this first team because they look like they can’t be arsed (just look at the games we’ve lost and how players are able to glide past our players) and are ill-disciplined too. So that’s why we’re here.

I know that modern football management is more than just training and coaching and that you need to also have gravitas and belief from the players, but if any of them are going to sulk I’d say cheerio at this point in time. This season is over so it’s about rebuilding the club and the way I feel about most of these players, there aren’t many, maybe any, that I will shed too many tears over. As football fans we’re used to seeing players leave us eventually. It’s just what happens. But sometimes when very special players go you have that horrible and gnawing feel in your stomach.

I 100% unequivocally do not have that with any of the current crop. If we could cash in and get decent money for them then I’m all for it. They have failed us as fans and a lot of people I speak to feel like we need a bit of a reboot anyway.

I’ve not been 100% convinced on Arteta and that remains to be the case, but the second he’s announced you can be sure that I’m going to back him, hope for the best, maybe even afford myself some excitement too. Because Arteta brings the unknown and right now it feels like we need that. These players need that. They need some electric shock treatment and Arteta will hopefully bring that to the table.

Bring it on I say. Let’s see what this well respected coach can serve up. And let’s hope that he’s supported in January and the summer too in the rebuild process. It’s time for this board and ownership to show that they have some cojones.

Catch you guys tomorrow.