Bit of a later one from me today. Partly because I was working from home this morning and therefore haven’t been sat on the tube able to write my usual ramblings. But mainly because I went out last night on a work corporate thing and first thing this morning I was pretty hanging.

It’s a good job though, because by the time I’ve gotten around to penning some thoughts, we have another new signing in through the doors at London Colney. This time it’s in the shape of Portuguese international Cedric Soares and in true Arsenal style we’ve passed him through the medical whilst still being injured.

Honestly, who does the medicals at The Arsenal and how on earth does a player pass one when he’s injured, anyway?? It must be the easiest medical in the world:

“Yep, checked his pulse, definitely alive”

“Righto, let’s get that contract out to the agent ASAP.”

It’s a sensible move to be fair. He’s cover for Bellerin, he’ll get games in the cup competitions and you’d probably imagine they’ll earmark Portsmouth away as a debut, plus it means we’re not shoehorning the square peg of Ainsley Maitland-Niles into the round whole of right back.

I remember Soares scoring a screamer against us a number of years ago and although I doubt he’s done anything as spectacular since, he seems like a good squad addition too.

It’s a little weird that we’re signing him on a loan deal, with a loan fee, given that when the loan expires he’ll be a free agent. But I suspect Southampton weren’t fussed what it was as long as they picked up some cashola in the deal. He’ll likely never play for Southampton again and by Arsenal turning this into a loan rather than a signing, they get to undertake a bit of “try before you buy” on the player too. If for example, he turns out to be a disaster, then Arsenal haven’t signed him in January on a three or four year deal. This way Soares can play for an Arsenal contract, or put himself in the shop window, but also Arsenal get cover and Southampton get some pennies. It feels like a ‘win-win’ for everyone to be honest.

Now we just have to see what he can bring to the squad.

I doubt there’ll be much other movement today though. There’s noises from Spain that Ceballos is now happy to give it a go for the rest of the season (very generous of him) and with Bellerin, Luiz and Aubameyang all returning for this weekend, we certainly have a stronger looking squad than we’ve had for a while it seems.

And that is something to be pleased about. We’ve made some short term additions, we look in a little better shape, with the Europa League and FA Cup competitions still on the horizon.

Yep, despite the alcohol-infused haze I currently feel enveloping my world, I’m in pretty good spirits to be honest with you. So I think I’ll stop right there and be back to you tomorrow with some pre-Burnley chat.

Laters people.