Morning folks. This will probably be a short one from me, on account of the fact I’ve spent half my journey this morning clearing up f*cking hot sauce that fell on the floor as I sat down on the Met Line this morning. FFS!

Anyway, in terms of Arsenal there’s not too much going on at the moment and I’m ok with that. There’s a game tomorrow night so no punt we’ll be furnished with some team news later and the big questions will probably be on whether Arteta makes a number of changes for the away trip to Olympiakos tomorrow evening. My guess is that he’ll make a few, most notably in defence, given how many centre halves he now has.

Pablo Mari and Rob Holding player 45 minutes for the Under-23s on Monday night and I suspect that means they’ll be in contention for tomorrow. Both need minutes under their belts and so 45 minutes on a Monday should do them good. Of course this game is one that we don’t want to have run away from us in the first leg. We’ve seen that a few times as Arsenal fans over the years and whilst the temptation might be to rotate a bit, we can’t afford to treat this like a group stage game in a group that we’ve already qualified from.

So it’ll be interesting to see what Arteta says about tonight and it’ll be interesting to see what he says on certain players.

I wonder if he’ll be asked about Saka, his performances, as well as the fact that there are still a few questions over his contract, in true Arsenal fashion. It isn’t obviously good enough that we let players run down their deals when they’re first team regulars, we’re now doing the same with our youth team products too!

Saka is enjoying his life at Arsenal, he’s spoken about how he is learning as a left back and hopes that serves him well in future when he’s played further up the pitch. I hope it does too and I think it will. He’ll be able to empathise and understand the movement of fullbacks in mens football and that will help him massively as he continues his footballing education. He’s still 18, has so much more to give and the hope is he continues to impress and grow in an Arsenal shirt.

We just have to hope Arsenal don’t F*ck up the contract negotiation. It’s not as if they haven’t tried in the past…

And that’s probably all I’ve got for you today. The smell of hot sauce has permeated through the bag I’ve used to clean up my lunch and my fingers absolutely reek. I better make a clean getaway.

Catch you lovely lot tomorrow.