Yo folks, hope all is well? I’m groggy this morning. I have been off the booze for a few weeks so I could drop a few pounds in weight, but last night The Management and I just felt like having a few glasses, so an entire bottle of Chianti later and I’m waking up this morning with a bit of a haze.

Unfortunately the initial haze that I thought I had that was causing me to hallucinate that we’ve got yet more games rescheduled because of the TV isn’t actually a haze at all, instead it’s actually happening. And one is on a Monday night too.

I’m bloody sick of Monday night games. It means the weekend becomes Arsenalless, we have to sit through everyone else playing, plus for those travelling to the game it becomes an enormous inconvenience. I used to moan about Saturday 12.30 kick offs, or the ones at 5.30. My how I’d swap Monday’s for Saturday’s.

At least the Leicester game at hole has only been moved to a 5.30 kick off. That’s something I guess.

It means that it’s a quiet one for us and having only played on Thursday there’s not a lot of chatter this Saturday morn. I suspect the club will announce some team news today at some stage, but for now we just have to contend ourselves with the usual noises of a rebuild in the summer.

I’ve previously explained how I don’t think Arsenal will have very much cash at all to spend this summer, but I’m actually starting to revise my thinking now, not because of the Kroenke’s but because of player sales. I have a feeling that we’re going to see a bit of cashing in on players and that will boost the coffers.

For example, the omission of Maitland-Niles on Thursday as a right back makes me think that perhaps Arteta doesn’t fancy him. If that’s the case then I suspect that’s £20million right there that we could get. Auba is one I think will also be off and with his age and one year left, I can’t see us getting big cash for him, so £30million is probably the estimate that I’d put on clubs stumping up for his services.

Then you’ve got question marks over Guendouzi, Lacazette, Mustafi and with those three combined I bet you’re talking a minimum of £60-£70million. Mustafi may have been playing well of late but we’ve all done the math; we simply have too many defenders and with Saliba soon to be in town, somebodies got to be moved on.

That already brings us to north of £100million and would mean a fair bit of rebuilding needed, but with a decent kitty to start, especially if you think that we’ve got so many very good young players who are being blooded this season. Next season they will all have had much more football under their belts, so the likes of Saka, Martinelli, Willock and even Smith-Rowe, will all be looking to get more game time. So with that in mind £100million doesn’t have to be spent on another four players coming in.

Perhaps, for example, we look to spend a big chunk on a couple of top-drawer centre forwards, which then frees up the wide positions for more game time to Martinelli, Saka and Nelson? They’ve all looked good this season in parts and even Nelson was looking better under Arteta. So perhaps we have an internal solution?

Arsenal are supposedly looking for another midfielder and if Guendouzi was moved on, along with Özil moved on because of his high wages, there would be space and probably also cash to do so. If we’re assuming £100million on player sales is used for getting a top drawer forward or two, it allows Arsenal to drop a fair chunk of its own kitty on a midfielder, for which I hope they’re looking for that physical, energetic, box-to-box midfielder who can contribute to goals as well as cover ground. That’s on my wish list.

So whilst I have previously lamented the fact I think there is not a lot of cash in the coffers to spend on recruitment, the more I think about it, the more I think it is ‘doable’ to have that better distribution of talent to improve the balance of this Arsenal team.

Of course this is all just my own speculation in my head, but I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility.