Morning folks and happy Monday to thee. A bank holiday Monday it is in the sun for me today, which is splendid indeed I have to say. Although when your day starts off with a bit of writing about The Arsenal, and there’s no actual Arsenal with which to chew the proverbial online fat on, it kind of slows down the commencement of the day.

And there really is not a lot going on at the moment. I watched a programme on the BBC last night which included the FA Cups fifty greatest moments. It was a pretty dire affair I have to say; Rio Ferdinand doing his best robotic presenter attempt by reading lines just to the right of the camera, as well as Helen Skelton clearly wondering what she’d done to deserve such a wooden co-presenter.

But that wasn’t what contributed towards the overall horrendousness of the compilation. I bemoaned to The Management that the producer must have been a Spurs fan, or at least have had some form of anti-Arsenal agenda, because the show featured the defeat to Wrexham in 92, as well as Paul Gascoigne’s free kick in 91, as well as talking about the 2001 cup final in which we battered Liverpool but they skanked us via Michael Owen. It really was maddening to see so much of the footage be about times when we’d been done over. What about he 2005 FA CUp final when the boot was on the other foot and we got away with it by beating United on penalties? Or the FA Cup final in which Ray Parlour scored an absolute pearler against Chelski? Or how about Tony Adams rising at the back post in the semi final against Spurs in 93?

Nope, they decided that showing the FA Cup game in which Sheffield United players went batshit crazy because Kanu passed to Overmars to tap in, instead of passing back to them after an injury.

But worst of all in this cacophony of sh*te was that they had the greatest ever FA Cup moment as Ryan Giggs’ solo run against us in the semi final. I don’t know about you, but that goal gets replayed so much it sickens me, and it gets rehashed every single year when the third round comes along and TV producers need to put together old goals from the cup. Literally every time there is any kind of FA Cup montage that goal is on it. Of course it was a very good goal and of course he deserves praise, but THAT being the GREATEST EVER MOMENT in the history of the FA Cup?

Do me a favour. That competition holds its place in many of our hearts for so many reasons, but even United fans probably won’t chalk that particular goal as the best moment they’ve witnessed as fans. Yet some absolute tool putting together this nonsense tv programme deemed it the greatest ever moment.


Anyway, I guess there’s so little on at the moment at least writing this little rant has given me an opportunity to smile when I think about our greatest moments in the FA Cup finals. Charlie George bagging that goal and lying down, Aaron Ramsey completely reversing the misfortunes of an Arsenal side that went down 2-o within the first ten minutes, Thierry returning and slotting in that little chipped ball from Song to put us through. Or how about Danny Welbeck’s return to Old Trafford, rounding the ‘keeper and slotting home, following up by doing what every single ex-player does when scoring against his old club – celebrate properly.

These are the memories we have and these are the good memories that we can all hold on to about the FA Cup. OUR FA Cup as we’ve won it more times than any other team, thank you very much. We’re the history makers, we’re the ones who have the closest affinity with the competition, we’re the ones that have the most memories and we’re the ones who can look back fondly on our memories of glorious times of yesteryear.

Catch you peeps tomorrow with some more musings. Enjoy your day.