Welcome to Wednesday folks. Just over 36 hours to go until we see what this Arsenal team are fighting for, but we all know what we’re fighting for in the soul of our club by removal of the parasitic Kroenke’s, and that fight itself was dealt a bit of a blow yesterday.

That’s because KSE released a statement yesterday which once again reiterated their desire not to sell Arsenal. If you want you can make your morning coffee/tea/beverage taste a little more bitter by having a read of what they said here.

It is staggering bluff, PR corporate bullsh*t and we should not believe a word of what they are saying.

“We remain 100% committed to Arsenal and are not selling any stake in the club”.

So committed to the club that they have barely been to watch but a handful of games in the decade in which they have been involved in the club, most of it as majority owners. So committed to the club that they have overseen a decline that has such an obvious correlation to their leadership that you can LITERALLY read through the form books and see how under their watch Arsenal has become less competitive on the pitch whilst increasing in their value because of the growth in the Premier League. So committed to the club that they took £5million-odd out a few years ago as ‘consultancy fees’ having clearly delivered no value to the business whatsoever as our commercial revenues have – on trend – dwindled behind that of so many other ‘big’ clubs in the Premier League. The Kroenke’s are 100% committed to THEIR INVESTMENT and maintaining its value. Not Arsenal Football Club.

“Our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game”

You mean like the Champions League? Not in it. You wanted to take us out of it, remember? You wanted us to join a super league where we would – because you don’t invest in the club or manage it properly – perennially finish in the bottom parts but would always be in it because you wanted to be part of the plans to make it a closed shop. Remember that guys? After all, it was only ONE WEEK AGO.

You mean like the Premier League? The domestic league in which we have slipped from first in 2004, to bumping along in fourth, to fifth, to sixth in 2018, eighth last season, then probably 10th this season. That one? The one in which you have basically avoided any kind of efforts to hold people to account, waiting too long to pull the trigger on failed projects, which has caused a decline last season and one in which at the end of this season, there will be lots of questions over Mikel Arteta unless a minor miracle happens in Europe, because we’ve had our worst season in nearly 30 years. That one?

What evidence do we, as Arsenal fans, have that this time you are actually telling any modicum of truth, as opposed to the PR spin and empty words that you’ve delivered to us for the rest of the time you’ve run the club? What historical data can you point to? Because we can point to a host of instances in which you’ve said much but delivered nothing. “Be excited” we were told. We are not excited. In fact we are all a little down because we thought we might get rid of you this time. How foolish we may be to think that we could rid ourselves of your horrible and terrible ownership.

“Our focus remains on improving our competitiveness on the pitch to achieve this”

“Remains”??? Show me where Arsenal Football Club has ever been your focus. Demonstrate this to me. Refinancing a stadium debt so you could change a payment structure, then using the medi aback channels to position the Partey transfer as you guys stepping in isn’t demonstrating focus. Not engaging with the fans isn’t showing you have focus, ignoring the warning signs on managers and senior admin staff at the club until massive damage was already done is not a focus, staying in the US and barely turning up to see how your ‘Franchise’ is doing is not a focus. Your focus has clearly been the MASSIVE white elephant that you have built that cost $1billion and nobody can get near for a year. That has been your focus.

But even before that it has been clear for a number of times that your focus has never been, will never be, Arsenal Football Club. That is why we want you out. That is why we protested. That is why Arsenal Fans all over the world took to social media to voice their disdain for your organisation. We have not improved our competitiveness on the pitch and that is why we want you gone.

And then we turn to the latest PR horse manure that you are feeding via the media – that you have met staff at Arsenal and said there will be money made available by KSE this summer – and I find myself flabbergasted that we are STILL hearing this. We’ve heard this every year. We’ve listened to noises from some apologists who have said “yes, but this year there is DEFINITELY going to be some investment” and some of those people will again point to the Partey deal as an example, not knowing that the deal will have been completely financed by Arsenal in some way.

I have been listening to ‘war chest’ stories for over a decade. Forgive me if I appear cynical but I do not believe you, KSE, and I hope there aren’t many Arsenal fans that do.

But even if – and let me reiterate that I do not believe this to be the case – EVEN IF you do put up some of your own money to invest in Arsenal, do you think that will forgive all? There will be some muppets like some of the wallies who have been on AFTV shouting “spend some f*cking money blud” who might then turn the other cheek, but you will not fool most of us. Throwing money at the problem isn’t the panacea. If you were true to your word then you would be undertaking proper analysis of the playing staff, the manager and the senior leadership team at Arsenal. You will have clear objectives for success in place, you will have a strategy for replacements if that doesn’t work and you will have a plan that becomes obvious to us who watch and love this football club. You haven’t done that for ten years so I don’t expect it to start now.

I don’t believe you KSE. And it will take a mammoth effort and so many different elements for me to stop protesting and fighting to rid you from Arsenal Football Club.