14 08, 2018

Players need time to adjust, Arsenal fans do too

By |2018-08-14T07:45:18+01:00August 14th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Unai Emery|0 Comments

Morning all. Happy Tuesday unto thee. Hopefully you're feeling grand and the usual bitter taste after a weekend defeat doesn't feel as lingering in your mouth as it usually does for me. I'm all for the idea of the season taking a reboot after next weekend, you see, because with a new formation, new style [...]

7 03, 2018

Tribalism within tribalism: the myopia of some Arsenal fans

By |2018-03-07T08:03:45+00:00March 7th, 2018|Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, gooners, Gunners, History, Rant, soccer|0 Comments

Morning all, hope yours is a good one, filled with optimism for what the day ahead might bring? For me it's a standard working day but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to take what pleasures you can from it. After all, every day that passes by is a day you'll never get to relive, [...]

19 04, 2016

Arsenal fans are now apathy vs angry

By |2017-05-19T20:11:06+01:00April 19th, 2016|Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, gooners, Gunners, History, Ownership and the board, premier league, Rant|4 Comments

Yesterday I mooted the idea that I wouldn't blog today, but who am I kidding, right? I am as ingrained in writing this daily musing of all things Arsenal, as Arsene Wenger is of giving players 'just one more chance' when they've already had enough for 12 lifetimes. So here I am today before you, [...]

7 03, 2016

Cause and effect: The issue of atmosphere at Arsenal

By |2017-05-19T20:11:13+01:00March 7th, 2016|Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, gooners, Gunners, premier league, Rant|5 Comments

As a season ticket holder at Arsenal and somebody who is very passionate about the club, can I make an admission to you? I have, in the past, booed the team after a poor performance. Perhaps you think ill of me for it? Unfortunately there's nothing I can really do about that. When you are [...]

22 10, 2015

Arsenal is a rollercoaster, but would you prefer a monorail?

By |2017-05-19T20:11:50+01:00October 22nd, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, premier league|1 Comment

It's Thursday, I have an annoying work presentation to contend with, but all that is ringing in between my ears are the sights and sounds of The Arsenal. That's what a well-earned victory against one of the best three teams in the world will give you. But more than that, it gives you something else, [...]

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